Basics of Branding: Getting Started

So, are you ready to put your one-million-dollar business idea to the test? You have set up your location, identified and cleared your financial resources for operations, and met your manpower requirements. How would you like your business to be remembered? Branding is a task most entrepreneurs find hard to commit to. One wrong move and it can instantly put your business in a slump. Businessmen need time, effort and financial resources to successfully brand their organisation. It is a process of incorporating marketing efforts, a lot of promotions and catchy taglines to make people remember and identify you from the competition. Branding sets you apart. It gives you an identity of your own. But how do you get started with it? Read on to find out.

People react to honesty and sensibility

Businesses created now are not just money-making machines anymore. An organisation with these intentions is shamed and called out. People accept products and services that come from organisations that give back to the community. At the same time, people react positively to transparent and honest intentions. If you’re aiming for a sustainable and eco-friendly working culture, back it up by showing that your products use eco-friendly packaging.

People talk about what is visible

After clarifying how you want your organisation and products to be perceived by the public, it’s now time to create your visual representation. Make your logo and make it a memorable one. There are a lot of watchful eyes that are ready to scrutinise your mistakes, especially if you’re a start-up. Bad spelling, or a similar glaring error, and its back to the drawing board. You can hire a graphics designer to do this specific task, but it’s up to you how to introduce it to the community. You could create a grand-opening party and give promotional gifts while the community joins in and tries your products. It’s a fun way to establish your entry.

People remember a catchy tagline

Look how big companies incorporate their slogan into their promotional materials such as TV ads, newspaper printouts, social media mentions and much more. Your tagline reflects the purpose you have, what you are and what you offer as a company. It can either be a cool way of saying your mission statement or a slang version of what your vision is. Whatever appeals to the public and integrates your holistic identity in the industry can be made into a catchy tagline.

People remember which company is consistent

It might be through your employees displaying a polite smile while serving, or through high-quality products that never falter over time. People will remember what you initially offered them, and if they loved it, they’ll likely return for more at some point.

Branding is the fun task of determining how you would like to be acknowledged. Start with a great intention and passion for your business. If you go astray once your business is operating, take time to reflect on your branding, as it is a guide towards where you should be heading as a company.

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