Does Your Business Ship Through Royal Mail? Here’s Your Guide to Restricted or Prohibited Items

Many items are shipped on a regular basis throughout the UK, and if your business does a lot of shipping as well, then you may already have a good idea of which items can be shipped without any issues. Things such as letters and documents as well as clothing and various electronic items can be sent, but there are some items which may be considered restricted or prohibited, and as a business, it’s in your interest to know which these items are so you can save yourself some hassle. There are various regulations – both international as well as national – which you should follow regarding the shipment of various goods, and some items which you may consider ‘ordinary’ (such as nail varnish and aerosols) may actually be prohibited or restricted. So what else should you know about which items are restricted or prohibited when it comes to shipping through Royal Mail? Here’s your guide to restricted or prohibited items.

  • Aerosols

There are some aerosol products which are allowed for shipping in the UK and overseas, provided they follow various regulations and restrictions. For instance, you can send aerosol products used for medication or toiletry purposes, such as deodorants, hair sprays, hair removal creams, body sprays, shaving creams, and flea sprays, as long as the valves are protected with a cap and the volume of each item does not exceed 500 millilitres. Also, only one piece is allowed for every parcel you send. The aerosols should be packed tightly with good exterior packaging material, and it should also be cushioned or appropriately secured to avoid damage. You also have to be sure that the name of the sender and their return address is legible and visible, especially on the outer portion of the package.

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Bear in mind, though, that other aerosol products are not allowed for shipping through the mail, and this includes spray paints, solvents, lacquers, oven cleaners, and air fresheners.

  • Alcoholic liquids and beverages

When it comes to alcoholic liquids and beverages, some restrictions apply as well. For example, you can send alcoholic juices and beverages as long as their volume of alcohol content is over 24% but not over 70%. If the alcoholic liquid or beverage contains more than 70% alcohol, this is not allowed. But when sending alcohol which is not more than 70%, other restrictions apply. It should, for instance, not be more than 1 litre for every item, and no more than two items are allowed in a parcel. The product should also be closed as well as adequately sealed in a container which has a liner that is leak-proof, such as a polyethene bag. You should also surround the product with material which is absorbent and which has the proper cushioning.

  • Items which are perishable

Items which are perishable, such as fresh fruits and flowers, vegetables, and chilled or frozen food, are not allowed for international shipping with the Royal Mail, as confirmed by a reputable supplier of packaging supplies in London like UK Packaging. But items which are perishable are allowed by the Royal Mail for UK or domestic destinations, as long as they can handle a journey of as much as 48 hours, and the 1st class service is used. The items must also be properly sealed to avoid leakage, and you should pack them in a strong box made of corrugated board or a specially-designed polystyrene bag or pack.

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There are many other items which may be prohibited, such as certain batteries and pesticides, and more. If you are not sure about an item, it’s best to check with the Royal Mail so you can have the confirmation you need.

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