Common Problems that May Occur in your Garage

Everyone’s garage is different and depending on how you use it, your garage may be the most accessed place in your home. If you park your car in there, you are in your garage every day, similarly if you have converted your garage in to a living space.

However much you use your garage, there a few common problems that every homeowner will face in their garage.


One thing that a lot of homeowners do is neglect their garage and doing that makes it extremely messy and unorganised. When you let this happen, your garage becomes a place that you don’t want to go into – something you don’t want to happen.

A messy garage is not only an eyesore, but a safety hazard as well.

The solution to this problem is to simply have a clear-out and organise your garage properly, and if you’re struggling for inspiration and motivation, here are a handful of genius ways to organise your garage.

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Not enough room

In many cases, people simply don’t have enough space in their garage to even fit their car or a workshop. This could be down to a couple of reasons – your garage may be extremely messy and therefore a clear-out would be needed.

Or, you might just be sick of your tiny garage and in that case, it is worth getting a brand new one. The right garage can add significant value to your home as well as improving your curb appeal.

For a top quality concrete garage, carried out by friendly staff members, look no further than Dencroft Garages. The experienced, Yorkshire based business have been providing concrete garages to Yorkshire and the surrounding areas since 1947.

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Poor insulation

Some of the biggest investments you’ve ever made will be sitting in your garage, so it is vital that they are protected via the right insulation. Large investments such as cars, bikes, lawnmowers all suffer from harsh weather – freezing or hot.

If your garage walls aren’t insulated, you need to take care of that immediately, along with checking the weathers tipping. The right insulation will not only make your garage a comfortable environment during all 4 seasons, but it will also save you money on energy bills all year round.

Inadequate lighting

If your garage doesn’t have the correct lighting, then it could cause serious problems. Bad lighting means that you can’t see everything as well as you should be doing, meaning you might not see certain things on the floor and therefore trip over them – potentially harming yourself in the process. There are certain items which can cause serious harm such as lawnmowers and other sharp gardening equipment or building tools.

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Poor lighting isn’t just a safety hazard, but a major inconvenience. If your garage is used for a function such as a workshop or a home office, then bad lighting will majorly affect the way you work.

Investing in the correct lighting will not only prevent you from seriously harming yourself, your family and your belongings, but it will also stop you from making major mistakes when working.

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