Summer In Huddersfield: A Student Guide

Summer In Huddersfield: A Student Guide

If you’re studying in Huddersfield it is with an immense amount of relief I can report that Summer is finally coming. The ‘Beast from the East’ has finally been vanquished, and we can look forward to at least some sunshine and warmth, and enjoy being outside without having to clad in coats and jumpers with umbrellas always ready to protect us.

Summer as a student is a unique and wonderful time. You have the freedom and the leisure to really enjoy the sun, and all the opportunities for outdoor socialising it brings. You will be the king and queens of the disposable barbecue, long summer evenings in parks, and parties stretching out into nights in back gardens.

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Today we’re looking at a short guide to making the most of the summer as you deserve to in your student years!

Find the Outside

Wherever you’re living, whether you’re in some of the specific student accommodation Huddersfield hosts, or in a shared house away from campus, you need to know where you’re nearest green space is, and any restrictions on it to avoid an unfortunate scene when you’re trying to kick back and relax.

If you’ve got a garden in your house, show it a bit of attention now so that when we get to the hottest days of the year you’ve got the maximum space to show off and host your friends. Being the go to house for a BBQ or summer party will net you a great deal of social capital – you’ll be the toast of your friends!

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If you’re relying on shared space and public parks do check what’s allowed: your building might have regulations and different parks allow different things, so check signs before you commit to make sure you can play the outdoor games and fire up the BBQs you intend to.

Plan, But Not Too Much

It’s important to fix a few dates in your calendar for big things. If you don’t plan, and allow yourself to budget your time, you might find yourself unable to make that trip to the beach with your friends when you want to because your time has been eaten up by essays.

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That said, if you plan every day of your summer you won’t have a chance for the joy of the spontaneous day spent in the park, of accidentally spending all night sitting outside just because you can: university gives you time, and sometimes the way to get the best out of it is to sit back and see what happens rather than forcing the fun!

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