The Office Calendar: Events Around the Year

When you work in an office, from a small firm to branches of the biggest multinational companies, the year is defined by big events that give shape to the months as they pass, whether they are administrative, business milestones or social occasions that reward your efforts throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at some of them to give you an idea of the shape and structure of your year in the office.

Starting the Year

While there’s no set time to hold annual performance reviews, early in the year is common, as people start to get back into a routine after a break and are already in the mood to reflect on their previous year’s performance and set some aspirations for the year ahead.

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Even if your company isn’t holding formal reviews at this time, it might help you approach the year in the right way to discuss some ambitions and targets with your manager as you come back to work.

Financial Year End

While this affects different departments in different ways, it’s impossible to miss this sweeping through most companies. It could be as simple as needing to make sure you’ve taken all your leave by the end of April. It could a looming deadline for providing all your expense forms. If you work in the accounts department – or for an accountancy firm, it’s one of your busiest times of year!

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If it does provide an extra stress and a tight deadline with big implications for your company, it’s worth taking some time to relax and celebrate afterwards, whether with a company sponsored event or just by booking a couple of days off for long baths and lie ins.


Almost as soon as summer’s done, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation about Christmas: it could be a busy time, for any company that’s involved in retail or hospitality, or it might be a much looked for break, either way the preparations begin early. Even in September people are searching for the fun Christmas party venues London hides, while HR begins to work out rotas for office cover during a season where many people will be expecting to be unavailable and with their families.

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Christmas often brings with it an office party as a celebration and reward for the effort put in over the course of the year, hopefully an extended break to let you recharge your batteries and then you’ll be back at the beginning of the year and ready to set some goals.

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