The Possibility Of AI Being Catalyst to Internet Of Things

Businesses across the world are leveraging upon IoT or Internet of Things to create opportunities that could bring growth. This, resulting transformation is ushering an era of innovation that is as dynamic as the IoT itself. To utilize the full potential of Internet of Things, it is a good idea to combine the technology with innovatively advancing Artificial Intelligence. AI’s basic utility lies in enabling “smart machine” to stimulate intelligent behavior along with well-informed decisions without human intervention. Seems futuristic but we have already advanced to a level where AI is making the news. And, its contribution towards IoT has the possibility to act as a catalyst to its growth. Here is how.

AI in IoT Applications

Usage of the Internet of Things in apps produces a huge amount of data. IoT apps have been used by airlines to pharmaceuticals and also by the manufacturing industries. These apps produce excessive data that must be stored, processed and analyzed in order to serve the users in a more customized manner. Here comes the prominent role of Artificial Intelligence. Interpreting the stored data with the help of AI can help bring insightful information to the marketers with the help of which they can provide innovative services to the clients.

AI & IoT for Data Analysis Practices

There are different types of IoT data analysis practices where Artificial Intelligence can help exceptionally well. From data preparation to data discovery, Artificial Intelligence holds strong foothold to be the technique that mines the actual data in addition to providing a predefined way to use the technology in the best way possible. In addition to this, while performing predictive analysis and advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence can play a prominent role in decision making with the help of the data that has been collected, discovered and analyzed. The data professionals can feed the information to bots to get better insight on the same.

The Real Implementation of the Technology

There are numerous examples of IoT’s intersection with Artificial Intelligence in real life. And, the most innovative one includes Honda’s adoption of Artificial Intelligence to design Formula One (F1) racing cars. The data is gathered across 160+ sensors on a single F1 car, right from the engine pressure to the velocity and the temperature to offer real-time data to drivers as well as pit engineers so that they could make the adjustment at any given point during a race. The implementation has actually helped drives derive innovative moves while participating in any race.

Another example includes Boeing improving its assembly lines along with analyzing aircraft data during a flight. With the insightful Artificial Intelligence technology, the manufacturer keeps the complete provenance detail of each component along with the life cycle of the aircraft to optimize the supply chain. This provides additional control to the manufacturer when it comes to holding them and optimizing the entire production to get effective results. Artificial Intelligence is thus helping these manufacturers to level up their production through insightful AI technique.

In the Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence holds greater possibilities to improve the decision making capabilities of professionals. By applying the data analytic capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, companies and data scientists can easily understand the patterns to add more to their informed decision making. This offers a handful of benefits to both the consumers and the companies as well. The advantages include proactive intervention, intelligence automation and providing a highly personalized experience to the users through the use of innovative technology. This also makes it easy to practice innovative ways to perform certain jobs.

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