Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Party Planner

Given the fact that there are a lot of party planners in just one area, you need to ask questions to narrow the options down. Otherwise, you might end up with a planner that you don’t really like or won’t deliver everything as expected. Here are some questions you need to take into consideration.

What are their fields of expertise?

You need to hire an organiser that really specialises in the particular event that you are organising. There are those that can organise just about anything, but they won’t have something extra since your event might not be their niche. It is also great if they have tons of connections for venues, catering services, photography, and many others. They know how things work since they have already tried them before.

What are the services offered?

It should be clear right from the start what exactly it is that they do. You want to partner with a company that provides a complete package. This includes organising, catering, stage designing, AV services, and transportation, etc. You would rather have all these details dealt with by just one company than hire different companies to do the job. They will be the main contact point, so you will only need to follow up with them, and not multiple service providers.

Who will be working on the event?

It is important that you have an idea of who will be with you during the event and how many people will be there. You should be introduced to the contact people so that you will know who to call should something go wrong. It must be clear that a team will be there for you and not just a few people with multiple responsibilities. They must also provide backup teams if anything goes wrong. If they decide to partner with other companies for services they don’t provide, they should take care of it. Otherwise, it would be just like doing the organising yourself.

The fees vary depending on the party being planned, location, number of people attending and other details you wish them to organise. Don’t mind the price since you will be saving a lot of money in the end. You would still need to deal with all these details without their help and it would be a more laborious task. You can just tell them to help you out and they will be with you until the party is done. You can even join in the fun if you have a planner who can be counted on.

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