Technology and Its Importance To Modern Dentistry

Technology and Its Importance To Modern Dentistry

For years, technology has played a vital role in enhancing our lives. It has streamlined processes and tasks that at one point in time may have been considered as difficult or tedious. Perhaps one of the most significant advances we’ve had in recent years comes in the form of modern dentistry. Those who are or have been in the profession for a lengthy period of time can attest to the arduousness and struggle that the career can potentially entail without the current-generation of tools available today.


Most – if not all – of us have been to a dental clinic, be it for regular cleaning or the extraction of a particularly irritating and painful wisdom tooth. While it isn’t exactly something that many people would associate with being even remotely pleasant, it can be nonetheless necessary. More importantly, the processes have become tolerable due to the technology behind the high-tech equipment of today that has replaced the antiquated and crude tools of the past.

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An X-ray, for example, gives a high level of graphic detail on the image, allowing a dentist’s trained eyes to detect cavities, imperfections and even the current state of any developing teeth. This helps a great deal in preparation, to see exactly what procedures may need to be done, and minimising any risks that may come from a potential operation. It’s essential for any dentist to have such technology at his or her disposal.

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Digital Scanners

In the digital age of today, scanners have become another widely accepted tool and important piece of equipment that any dentist can appreciate. Utilising state-of-the-art software and high-tech hardware, these devices allow for high-resolution, 3D digitised dental scanning, generating accurate and precise impressions. This kind of digital dentistry device is also not as costly as some may think. In fact, they are relatively affordable even for smaller dental businesses. Certainly, it’s well-worth the cost considering the amount of time saved in comparison to the traditional trial-and-error nature of the process.

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Other necessities of the profession ranging from the hand pieces to the lighting systems have all, to some degree, continued to be improved through technology similar to how a car manufacturer perhaps introduces new drivetrain systems or materials in their vehicles. The dental industry, just like any other, is a service that requires proper equipment. And while skill is certainly a necessity that cannot be replaced, proper equipment is always essential. With technology, the tasks become streamlined, providing the professionals in the business not just with the means to do the work required but also making it easier for them to provide a relatively pain-free experience for their clients.

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