Why Dgreat Solutions Director; Dami Oyez Thinks Internet Marketing Is Here To Stay?

When the internet was first created it was made for a small group of people, who could afford the technology. Over time and with the advancement of technology the internet was released to the general public and with that came the creation of some of the most iconic companies, such as Facebook.com and Google.

As the years went by many people began to move their businesses online so that in the case of retail giants like Amazon and eBay people from all over the world would be able to buy products that they would not have access to because of their location or nobody stocked the items that they wanted.

Not only have we seen a rise in online commerce what we refer to nowadays as e-commerce we have seen the digitalization and main stream of traditional news print and the networking community of social media blooming.

We are truly a part of an age of free information and connectivity.

How does Internet Marketing fit in?

As mentioned earlier many companies are now choosing to move part of their businesses online and either sell their products on an online store or make a website in which they can use as a source of advertising.

Having spoken to Dami Oyez the director of Dgreat Solutions,  a reputable digital marketing company based in Adelaide, we were able to get a clearer view of internet marketing, this is what he had to say,

“It doesn’t matter if you have an e-commerce website or you don’t, if you have a business running and you want to grow in this digital world we live in, you need to invest in digital marketing. Most importantly as an Adelaide based business, you should invest in internet marketing.”  – Dami Oyez

So what is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is about promoting a brand or product within an online platform such as the internet.

There are many different tactics that you can use when deciding to promote a product or brand, one of them being social media.

Social Media is a valuable tool to have from a marketing point of view as it will allow you to grow a following, interact with customers and receive vital feedback from these customers.

Why would you use Internet Marketing?

If you want to grow a brand you need to expand your target market’s range. By sticking to traditional methods you won’t receive a very effective boost to your sales.

By choosing to make use of the digital world of marketing you will be able to reach over 80% of the world’s population who all make use of digital media.

The best way to make use of the online world is to make use of Internet marketing, which makes sense as over the next couple of decades the technological developments which will be released to the public will all make use of the internet and its features. Which is why internet marketing is here to stay.

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