Things To Do After Receiving Lobsters Ordered Online

The good thing about lobsters is that you don’t need to go to the market just to buy them. You might be surprised to know that lobsters are now available online. You just need to complete your order and they will be delivered straight to your door.

Maine lobsters for instance can be bought at any time of the day. The time it takes for the order to arrive depends on where you are staying. Regardless, you won’t have to wait long before getting the order.

You don’t need to go to a local market just to satisfy your craving for lobsters. The process is very easy. You just have to check the price and decide which part and how many lobsters you want to order. Make sure you choose the best lobster store so it will be easier for you to feel confident that the order arrives on time and is fresh.

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During delivery, lobsters are placed in a cold and moist environment. They are able to stay alive even when out of the water for a prolonged amount of time. They also have sharp shells and can easily injure other lobsters. This is why they need to be handled carefully. They must be separated in the container to ensure that they remain in good condition upon arrival.

Receiving the order

As soon as the order arrives at your home, you need to place the lobsters in a cool place. Don’t place them near sunlight since they will not survive for a long time. The container must be sealed so the temperature remains intact.

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Check the lobsters first and see if they are alive. If the body parts are moving or if the tail curls, it means that the lobsters are alive and well. Don’t disband the claws until later when you have already cooked them. It is highly recommended to cook the lobsters alive as they taste better. Hold the lobster by the lower end of the body shell to avoid getting nipped by the claws. Below the tail are thorny areas that can easily prick you.

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Cook right away

You need to cook the lobster as soon as possible. They don’t thrive in a warm or freezing temperature. The same day you receive them, you should cook them. This means that you should know exactly how many people will be eating the lobsters before ordering them, or else there might be a lot of waste. You can store them in a freezer for a few days but they won’t taste as great.

These are just some of the tips for handling lobsters ordered online. Find out more information from if you are craving lobsters now.

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