What You Need To Know When Choosing Airline Travel Provider In Africa

Exploring Africa’s scenic mountains and landmarks such as the wonders of Victoria Falls or the Seychelles’ 115 islands needs not be cumbersome when given the best airline provider across the continent. Africa is a large continent, and thus need a reliable and comfortable airline to reach out to your favorite destinations. Of all the other countries, South Africa emerges as the most preferred country to start at when intending to explore this beautiful continent.

On arrival to South Africa, you will come across a wide range of airlines from the low cost Fly Mango to the world-class South African Airways. The list includes Fly Safair SA Express, and the British Airways. Some are limited to certain destinations within Africa. But travelling within South Africa is an absolute breeze.

Choosing the best airline travel provider

Below are some of the tips of choosing the best airline travel provider in Africa. If you are outside of Africa or are novice in airline travels, it can be quite perplexing to pick the best airline. It doesn’t have to be that devastating with experts available to guide you through.

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Pick the best airline

The main thing is to pick the best airline when given a plethora of airlines in Africa. But will you know if a certain airline provider is the best from the rest? South African airlines, particularly the SAA, have proven to be the world-class airlines to take you throughout Africa’s borders as well as abroad. With reference to the 2015 Best in Business Travel Awards rated by readers of the Business Traveler Magazine, SAA has topped the list of airline providers in Africa. It was also rated the Best Airline in Africa consecutively for 7 years.

South African Airways airlines are renowned by their luxurious and comfortable seats. The flight can take you from Washington to Accra in Ghana or take you from New York to Johannesburg in South Africa while the staff onboard keep serving and entertaining you. Travelling within Africa is also an effortless journey. There are 25 destinations in Africa where you can reach with the flight.

So, whenever choosing any flight, make sure you are choosing the best based on reviews from previous passengers as well as the awards. Also check if the airline provider accommodates the destination you plan to visit. For business travellers, ensure that the airline has the best, luxurious and comfortable business class cabins. Prominent businesspeople prefer prominent Africa’s airlines.

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Airfares are fairly expensive. This discourages passengers to board flight to their favorite islands or business cities because of the unaffordable airfares. With this in mind, undertake a research and compare prices online for the best airline provider in Africa. It is important to also take note of the discounts often offered by the airlines for those reserving their seats early. Last minutes bookings can be costly.

With our recommended SAA airline, it is affordable when compared to its competitors. And to travel within South Africa, the airline has the designated low cost Mango airlines. They can even take you to Zanzibar where you explore the rest of the continent.

With regard to other costs, visit the airlines website and familiarize yourself with the costs. All the airlines have the websites, so it becomes to do your survey when looking for the most affordable ones.

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Choosing the best airline travel provider in Africa is an easy effort if you consider the reviews from other reviews and the awards a specific airline has acquired. Africa is home to a variety of airlines to take you from one country to another or to overseas countries. But SAA, as conferred awards in North America as the best business class airline for so many years, emerges as the best travel provider we would recommend.

You should also take into account other considerations such the services, convenient seats reservations, quick security check points, and other extras an airline delivers. All these bring the ultimate satisfaction of travelling around Africa.

We hope that with this information you will be able to make the right decision about your best travel provider among others. We’ve recommended the SAA based on the previous awards it had won as rated by passengers the world over. Its regional partners are also rated the best, but some have limitations in terms of destinations in Africa. For example, Fly Mango and Fly SaFair are the low cost airlines but operate exclusively within South Africa.

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