How To Track iPhone In Just A Few Minutes With This Tutorial

Your intuition tells you your partner is doing something fishy. Instead of jumping to conclusions right away, investigate first. Find a solid evidence that your accusations are facts, so you can bust your partner and block the cheater out of words, lies, and lame reasons right off. Spy with mSpy.

The mSpy application is a comprehensive pc and mobile software used as a spying tool to track devices and monitor the activities from within. This tracking software is ultra flexible. It can even track your partner’s device using a totally different brand. mSpy also knows how to track an iPhone with an android. Device brand won’t really be an impediment from gathering proofs for your partner to finally get caught out of action.

Another bonus for you – tracking isn’t the only thing that mSpy can do. It can read through various communication platforms off the web and online – from SMS to Viber to Skype to WhatsApp to SnapChat. Thus, it is the ultimate tracking tool for all platforms and all devices. It’s basically among the best ways on how to track an iPhone without them knowing.

mSpy as the Ultimate, Universal Phone Tracker

Connecting an apple device to a totally different brand is usually done with jailbreaking, the process of manually hacking apple devices from restrictions. With iDevices’ strict security, this process is going to be a tough job. That’s why mSpy offers its newest, hottest “No-jailbreak” package that allows total monitoring of iDevices without hassle, troublesome installation. In this tutorial, you will master the step by step process on how to track iPhone using mSpy’s No-jailbreak offer. Should you require more information, click on You will find all you need to know.

  1. Purchase, download and install mSpy.

To get started, get the mSpy app ready on your device. Choose the “No-jailbreak” offer, download, and install it on your device. From the link sent in your email, click the “Set up new phone” on the upper left part of the screen. There will be 3 steps. Click the “Platform selection” tab and then choose “iPhone (without Jaibreak)”. Click “Proceed” to continue.

  1. Enable iCloud backup on the target device.

The second step is the setting up of the device. In your iPhone device, go to settings and enable iCloud backup under the “iCloud” tab. Click “Proceed” to continue.

  1. Verify the registration code.

In this step, you’re required to fill in your Apple ID and password for verification purposes. After filling in, click “Proceed” to continue. Then, click “Finish”.

That’s it! You can start spying around now. Logs should start appearing on your Android device from your partner’s iPhone by this point. From the Dashboard, contacts, call logs, text messages, browser history to so on, you should be able to see all these by now, most especially the GPS. Now, you’ll be able to know your partner’s whereabouts and whatabouts.


Thanks to mSpy, we get to pull together the most important information we need at the easiest, most convenient way there is in all possibility.

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