Muay Thai and All Information

Have you ever considered taking up a sport which is borderline dangerous. Some talk about taekwondo or boxing but the latest mix martial art sports have taken the limelight when it comes to thrill and a physical exercise that makes you strong as well as fit. Muay Thai Boxing is one of those sports that you will be scared to take up in Thailand but never regret your choice.


It can be defined as the art of eight limbs which makes it a mix of boxing and martial arts. You can use your arms, legs, shins, elbows and feet in order to attack as well as defend in a bout. The bout usually is of five rounds with each round comprising of 3 minutes. 3 minutes sound less but in a fight ring that is 180 seconds.

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It is said that the roots of this sport come from the soldier camps of the Burmese army dating 300 years ago. Many other stories link this art to Thailand with every version saying that this was taken up as a method of combat and training for the foot soldiers.

Combat dress

Boxing gloves are the first thing you notice in Muay Thai. Apart from that there is a no shirt no shoes fight. Other rules regarding safety of opponent persist which include no grown foot nails. The fight also needs to have a clean shave although a moustache is allowed. If you have long hair, they have to be tied neatly before the fight. However, in case of training, sweat will be your only clothing.

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There are many benefits of Muay Thai which you should know apart from some scars that your friends will tell you about. These benefits include

Weight loss

The training and actual fight itself brings about a result many people work for over period of months and years. Weight loss is the name of the game where you train so hard that you burn extra calories even when you sleep. Therefore, taking up Muay Thai in Thailand can be one of the best fitness decisions you ever take.


It is high intensity interval training which beats running at a standard pace every day. You may have noticed that your weight is going nowhere by just running. HIIT helps you push the rate of weight loss in a shorter period of time.

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Muscle gain

There will be two reasons for your body to get in better muscular shape. The first will be the amount of training and food intake that goes in for preparations. This is natural science; however the second reason deals with psychology where you get motivated by seeing all those six pack fighters in front of you.

Increase in Strength

With extensive training, weight loss and muscle gain is an outcome. This combines to give you more strength since the day you joined a Muay Thai camp or . Who doesn’t mind excessive strength for self defense or lifting all those groceries in one go?

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