The Absolute Basics On Hair Damage – and What You Can Do To Claim Compensation

Most of us have pretty straightforward experiences when we visit a hair salon, whether to get a haircut or some other form of hair treatment. But what if you are one of the unlucky ones – unlucky enough to get your hair damaged? This is when things can get a bit more complicated, especially if your hair damage is extensive, very painful, or emotionally-taxing. If you have suffered an injury to your hair due to a visit to a hair salon, you need to know how to claim compensation for it so you can get the help you deserve.

How hair damage happens

Unfortunately, due to the proliferation of hair salons today, there is a lot of competition. Hair salons continuously compete with each other to provide the best and most affordable treatments to their customers. But there are some hair salons which do not give their employees the proper training, especially when performing different procedures or working with dyes and chemicals. This is where the problem begins. Hair dyes, for instance, contain a lot of chemicals which can be very harmful. If the ‘specialist’ does not know how to handle these products correctly, then you can suffer from hair damage or injury.

A list of common hair injuries or damage

There are many symptoms which you can experience related to hair damage. One of the most common symptoms is simple hair loss. Another symptom of hair damage is hair which becomes brittle or thin. Yet another symptom of hair damage and injury is related to hair growth becoming delayed.

Additionally, there are some more severe symptoms related to hair damage. This includes blisters or burns on the scalp, scalp dermatitis where you experience an itchy and burning sensation on your scalp; or the flakiness of the skin. You may even develop rashes due to negligence or mistreatment, and these can appear on your face, neck, or scalp. Some individuals even experience symptoms of hair damage and injury such as the swelling of the face and eyes, whilst some exhibit allergic reactions. Don’t forget, you can also experience psychological distress due to hair damage, such as a loss of confidence, anxiety, and even depression.

The two types of compensation you can receive

There are two forms of compensation related to hair damage and injury. The first is compensation for your suffering and pain, and the second is compensation for your actual expenses and financial losses. It’s important to keep all your records and receipts, including expenses related to travel and loss of income.

Make sure you take clear photos of the injury and have them assessed by medical experts. The medical specialist should also make a report with details of your injury and its prognosis. A solicitor experienced in hair damage claims can also help you determine how much compensation you could be entitled to receive.

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