Tips On How To Maintain Smooth Traffic Plan During Major Events

Controlling traffic and a streamlined parking can be a huge challenge when you are hosting a major event that will attract a large population of people. Planning for major events requires proper organization and preparedness to have a smooth flow of both vehicles and individuals. Without proper organization, your event can turn into a sham where too much time will be wasted in the entry way and the parking lot due to congestion. A strategic plan is needed to ease congestion, movement, and to ensure safety of pedestrians and motorists. A smooth traffic plan needs to be followed to control traffic in both the venue of the event and in the nearby streets. Here are important tips that can regulate traffic during events:

Increasing the Number of Cashiers

When the most of the cashier booths are located at the entrance of the event venue, it is important to have them in the parking lot to ensure a speedy flow of the vehicles. Having a single booth at the main entrance gate will cause a mess as traffic will start piling up.

It is, therefore, advisable to have the cashiers at the parking lots, and each parking space should have a stated number to ensure that everyone pays. Having the cashiers at different points of the car park will create harmony and order and reduce traffic mishaps. Small stalls can be erected to serve as paying booths to ensure a steady flow of traffic during the event.

Create Walkways

Those without vehicles should be separated from those with the vehicles. Using the same entrance will make the matter worse due to both human and vehicle traffic. Having a different gate for the pedestrians will reduce the congestion and contribute to reducing traffic. This is a simple strategy that helps create a better traffic plan which will improve the safety of the pedestrians and faster clearance.

Online Sale of Tickets

It is important to reduce cash transactions during major events in a bid to reduce the traffic burden. On-site payments take more time than online payments, and this can cause pile up of traffic. Selling of tickets online will help manage the problem of traffic since people will not have to spend too much time lining to buy tickets.

The parking charges can also be made online before the event so that when the visitors arrive they will go parking on their designated points. Doing away with cash payments at the venue will also reduce incidents of crimes during the event hence improving safety.

Increasing the Entrance and Exit Ways

Increasing the entry ways will contribute to reducing congestion pressure that is experienced when only a single entry is used.  The same case should apply during the time of exiting the venue to ensure that people do not have to wait for long hours before making their way out.

Plenty of passageways will relieve the area the burden of controlling chaotic traffic. The many entry and exit ways will also improve the visitors’ safety in case of an emergency.  It is also appropriate to have traffic directors who should take the role of ensuring flawless traffic plan and order during parking.

Planning for a major event is not an easy thing, and it needs experience and strategy to come up with a smooth traffic plan. Traffic can create a mess when it is not properly handled.

Look at the infographic below for more data on what it takes to deal with a parking system that works.


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