The Benefits Of Custom Neon Signs

Neon signs have been around since the 1950s, catching people’s eyes and directing them toward businesses or products. Companies who order custom neon signs have an advantage, because they can choose colors and shapes that are memorable and keep customers coming back. If you want to make your place of business stand out, consider these advantages of neon.

Neon Signs Are Easy To Spot

On a street full of businesses, or on a dark stretch of road where there aren’t a lot of buildings, a neon sign stands out. This is especially the case for one made in a custom shape or with a variety of bright colors. This visibility applies to inside a business as well, directing customers toward a certain brand or adding a fun touch to entryways for pool rooms or specialty food sections that keep customers inside longer. 

Neon Gives You a Nighttime Advantage

While regular lights might be fine to brighten a larger outdoor sign, neon lights in windows really stand out and beckon people to stop. Inside your business, darker room scan be lit up in neon to add color and direct customers toward purchases without a direct sales pitch. 

Neon Signs Have Staying Power

The life of neon signs can be seven to ten years, and in some cases even longer. Well after awnings have faded and paint has chipped, your neon sign can still be attracting the attention of potential customers.

Low Cost

Neon signs, even those that are customized, are not only an inexpensive form of advertising, they are also inexpensive to operate. Multiple neon signs, both inside and outside your business, pay for themselves over time by serving as a constant way to get your brand out to the public. 

Why Choose Custom Neon Signs?

Regular neon signs that advertise things such as “Bar and Grill” or “Supermarket” are fine, but they don’t pack nearly the punch of custom signage. The first thing you want people to remember, even if they are just driving by, is the name of your business. Having your name in bright colors for all to see sets you up for immediate walk-in business and serve as a trigger for people’s memories. Inside your business, custom signs allow you to keep with the motif you have already selected for your space. If you have a memorable color scheme, stick with that for your custom signs, or choose other colors that stand out against your existing wall coverings. If you have a western theme, have a sign made that sticks with that theme and also features your business name or brand in bright colors. With customized neon signs, the possibilities are endless.

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