Greatest Wines Form Sicily

Wines in Sicily are considered as a vintage tradition. Sicily is a paradise for wine lovers. Complexity, abundance and variety of white wines popularized this spot. Wine Companies in Sicily are known for providing their clients some of the most exclusive wines in the market at an extremely attractive prices.

In the field of wine, processing and manufacturing of wine still use the age old process to ferment grapes and to produce different kinds of wine. Production of wine is mastered at Sicily. Some of the finest wines in Sicily are the Viticultori Associati Canicattì Aquilae Grillo 2010, Planeta La Segreta Rosso 2010, Sei Corone Chardonnay 2008 and Eughene Grillo Moscato.

Victicultori Associati Canicatti Grillo Aquilae is a 2010 vintage white wine from Victicultori Associati Canicatti. This wine is characterized by its exuberant aroma and has an ample amount of acidic component. This is produced in the heart of Sicily, in the Canicatti and Agrigento. This wine is aged three months in steel tanks and two months inside the bottle. Producing a strong harmonious scent.

Planeta La Segreta Rosso 2010 is a red Nero d’Avola wine. This ruby wine is considered as one of the most important red wine grape in Sicily. La Segreta Rosso is produced by The Planeta Family that cultivated vines for more than 300 years in the region of Manfi and Sambduca, Sicily. The tangy tastes from fresh fruits of mulberry, red currant, raspberry, prunes and cherry matched with a sharp taste of spiciness.

Sei Corone Chardonnay 2010 is a dry and bubbly typically made from a single white grape variety grown in France. The residual sweetness is extracted after fermentation of Chardonnay grapes, a vitis vinifera cultivated in many varieties. It is best served as an hors d’oeuvre to your savory dish.

Eughene Grillo Moscato is a yellow straw wine with green highlights usually taken as aperitif with your favorite dishes. It has fruity taste blended with floral scents to make an aromatic soft and velvety aftertaste. It has 13% volume of alcohol. It is aged in a stainless steel vats. The production of this wine is processed in the hills of the province of Trapani. Best harvested time is during late August.

Wines are still considered as a beverage but because of its alcoholic nature, it was not considered as an ordinary beverage. Because of its variety made these wines to be so famous. The demands in wine depend on its popularity. The more the wine gets more famous, the more variety these big wine companies are producing. This will make Sicily more popular in future when it comes to great tasting and high-quality wines. Get the best wine from the big wine companies. Buy wines that are exclusively made from the land of Sicily. Sicily never gets out of line in the field of wines. New variety always comes. New flavors. New aromas. From the vineyards of Sicily.

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