The Top 3 Advantages of Free Range Chicken To Your Diet

Nowadays, an increasing number of us are becoming more aware – and careful of – what we buy and consume. Often, we don’t even know where the products we buy really come from, and this is especially true when it comes to food. Do we really know that the food we buy is safe and good for us? How can we tell? This is exactly where the benefits of free range chicken come in.

For more individuals, it makes better sense to opt for free range or organic chicken. Here are the top three advantages of free range chicken to your diet you should know about:

1. They are less toxic

The sad fact is that poultry which is commercially-raised is often filled with antibiotics, hormones, and even a trace amount of harmful pesticides. These commercially-raised chickens are given antibiotics so they don’t get sick, and they are also given hormones so they can grow faster and fatter. And did you know that antibiotics in commercially-raised chicken can lead to a resistance to germs in some individuals? Probably not. Also, the hormones found in commercially-raised chicken can have a negative effect on general health, perhaps even increasing the risk of diseases like cancer or causing children to experience puberty early on.

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But with free range chickens, you have the benefit of chickens which are not fed any antibiotics or hormones to make them healthy or make them grow. They are given free rein to roam around a specific area, which automatically makes them healthier as well.

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2. They have a better flavour

Without a doubt, free range chicken is a lot more flavourful than commercially-raised chicken. Ask anyone who has tried free range chicken, and they will immediately testify to the difference in taste. In fact, free range chicken tends to be less tough and tenderer and can even exhibit a more complex, delicious flavour.

3. They are less fatty

If you are concerned about the amount of fat in your food, then you should really switch to free range chicken. Since they are allowed to roam freely, free range chicken is automatically leaner and healthier for you. Commercially-raised chickens are often cooped up in a crowded area, and do not even have the leisure of grooming themselves! This makes them fatter and less healthy to eat.

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One other thing: if you opt for a free range chicken, you will often know precisely where it comes from. Hungerford shops such as Hungerford Park offer free range chickens straight from the nearby Woolly Park Farm, which gives you added peace of mind knowing that the chicken on your table is clean, healthy, and locally-sourced.

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