Benefits Of A Key Holding Alarm Response Service In Oxford

Oxford has more than its fair share of crime events. In oxford, there is an average of 5.99 crimes per 100 residents, which buts the city at the level of 285 in terms of the worst crime levels in the country. Oxford businesses must work hard to protect themselves from crime and safeguard their profits, staff, and customers. And they must do it in a cost effective manner. One of the best ways to make a quick, effective impact on crime risk is to invest in a key holding alarm response system. Here’s why it is important to consider a key holder alarm response to help protect your Oxford business from crime.

What is a Key Holding Alarm System?

A key holding solution to security is where a company or an individual has keys and access to your building, and will respond in person when there is an alarm call at the premises, whether it is the middle of the night or the middle of the day. Oxford security services will then alert police if there are signs of criminal activity, or deactivate and restart the alarm if it is a false alarm.

Checking Entire Building

When key holding security officers respond to an alarm call they will check the whole building for any signs of a break-in, any criminal activity, any open windows, or unlocked doors. If you respond to an alarm yourself you may not have the time, or the ability, to do this which results in compromised security. Oxford security personnel are trained in how to check and secure a building following the activation of an alarm. Security personnel can also make emergency repairs to the building to protect it, such as boarding up a broken window or changing a broken lock.

Efficient Response to False Alarms

If you have an alarm at your Oxford business that tends to go off during heavy rain, when an employee forgets the code, or during a power outage, you need someone to go check the premises without having to call the police out for every alarm. If you do this, you end up being blacklisted by a security company or the police. A key holding security solution checks that the alarm is sounding because of an emergency and if not, they reset it without having to call the police.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

It always helps to be prepared for emergency situations with your business. If you leave security up to chance you risk spending significant amounts of money repairing business premises, and significant amounts of time dealing with insurance companies. Deterrents and prevention are much preferred.

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