How To Dress In Your 20s – Guide To Fashion

How To Dress In Your 20s - Guide To Fashion

Just entered your twenties and are about to kick-start your careers? You may have a good knowledge about your field and also the right experience, but the first impression you offer doesn’t depend on that. People, when they first see you, will judge you, not by your abilities, but by your sense of dressing and how well you blend in, in accordance with them and the working society. In your twenties, your body is probably in its best form and figure, and all you need to do is dress right to enhance your looks for maximum impact on the people that you are about to work with.Follow these basic guidelines to the fashion you should pursue, to remain in trend throughout your 20s:

1. Find out which colour suits you best:

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Although formal clothes for men are not available in many colours and we have to compromise ourselves over the usual blacks, greys, dark greens, coppers, camels and navies, you should still wear something which matches your skin tone. The colour you select should complement your skin tone instead of overpowering it. For example, if you have a light skin tone, go for darker shades such as black and dark green for utmost effect (and if possible, try matching them with the colour of your hair and eyes too).Match your accessories with the colour of your suit; a divergence between the colour of your clothes and your accessories will bring down your image. The tie you wear should be in contrast to your shirt but should also go well with your suit. Your socks should match your shirt. The colour of your belt and your shoes should always match. Always!

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2. Wear slim cuts

You will never ever want to go to a formal event dressed in excessive fabrics which trail around you, making you look like a fool. To look smart and determined about the job, just as you actually are, wear something which doesn’t clash with your body shape. You are in your twenties and in a great shape already, so fitting in slim cut shouldn’t be an issue.

 3. Your new best friends: A tailor and a barber

Keep these friends close. They are going to make you look good for the next few years.A tailor can give you a well-fitted suit. A good barber will never fail to give you the right haircut for the occasion.

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4. Polished shoes are the key

Even in your attire, the first thing anyone will notice is the kind of shoes you wear and how well you maintain them. Keep them pristine at all times, whatever the colour they are; white, brown or black. The more they shine, the more will you do!

5. Keep experimenting

You don’t always have to follow the same trends over and over again, all throughout your twenties. It should change according to your salary, your position and above all your interests. You should keep exploring and recreating and renewing yourself.

If you are clueless about it, download apps such as fashion apps which will enlighten you on all the latest styles and trends on a regular basis so that you can keep yourself abreast with it.

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