Your Guide To Choosing The Right Granite Worktop to Complement Your Kitchen Fixtures

Granite comes in an array of colours and patterns, and this is what makes it such a popular choice for the modern homeowner. Granite worktops are all the rage in many parts of the world, and with granite, you know very well that you are making a superior investment for your home.

But like any homeowner, you wouldn’t want your granite worktop investment to fail, either. This is why choosing the right granite hue or colour is an important task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So what should you remember when choosing a hue or colour for your granite worktop?

The Colour of your Cupboards and Cabinets

The number one consideration when it comes to choosing the right granite worktop hue or colour is the colour of your actual cupboards and cabinets. Whilst some people think that having the same colour for their granite worktop and their cupboards and cabinets is ideal, this isn’t always the case. Having the exact same colour for your worktop and cupboards would only create the illusion of a huge ‘mass’ of colour that can be quite unattractive. The key here is to actually have a bit of contrast between the two.

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For one, you can opt for granite worktops which are similar in hue to your cupboards, but with darker veins or patterns. Or, you can also choose to have granite worktops that are completely different in colour from your cupboards and cabinets but have the same or similar colouring when it comes to patterns or veins.

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Other Pairings you should think about

There are other ways in which you can pair your granite worktop with your existing kitchen or bathroom theme or design. One of these is to choose, for example, beige, grey, or white granite worktops for cupboards or cabinets with a neutral colour.

Another pairing that often works is the pairing of a green-hued granite worktop with cupboards or cabinets in a dark brown colour. This gives your kitchen or bathroom a more striking, intense look and feel.

Yet one more pairing that is ideal is the pairing of green-hued or darker-hued granite worktops with cupboards or cabinets in cherry wood or cherry stained wood. For lighter-coloured cupboards, such as white or off-white, you can also go for a contrasting darker-coloured granite worktop.

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You can even take advantage of a particular trend amongst granite worktops today – that of choosing two granite worktop colours instead of just one. For instance, you can opt for a darker granite worktop colour for the perimetre of your kitchen whilst choosing a lighter-coloured granite worktop for your kitchen island. The choice is virtually limitless, as granite worktop London suppliers like J.R. Stone confirm. With a full range of choices in granite worktops, you can easily create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

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