Do You Want To Feel Great For Your Wedding? Then Keep These Important Tips In Mind

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful thing, as any former bride will tell you. You have so many tasks to think of – and finish – before your special day. But whilst some of these tasks are quite enjoyable (such as picking your wedding dress or sampling some wedding cake), most are not as much. There’s the photographer, videographer, wedding venue, legal paperwork, guest list, and everything else to think of. But if you would like nothing more than to feel great whilst planning your wedding (and feel great on your wedding day itself), here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Guests getting along? You don’t have to care

Stop worrying about your guests. More specifically, stop worrying if your guests will get along. If you are thinking that your university friends will not get along with your work mates, just remember that they are all adults. It’s up to them whether they mingle or not.

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Make your venue your own

One other way to feel great on your wedding day is to make your venue as personalised as possible. If you are having your reception and ceremony at a hotel, such as wedding venues Doncaster like The Regent, try to incorporate your own personal touches as well. Hang a few precious photos on the walls and create your own ‘bride and groom table’ complete with mementos of you as a couple, souvenir items, and the like which your guests can look at.

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Kids: off limits in your dressing room!

If you have nieces and nephews under five or have girlfriends with young children, remember the cardinal rule: your wedding dress and children under five do not go together. Don’t tempt fate by having kids running around your dressing room. Tell your friends and family to leave their kids at home or with other adults, at least until the reception.

Mums, girlfriends, and other female relatives should be kept out

Of course, mums, girlfriends, and other female relatives and friends are a different matter compared to having five-year-olds running amok in your dressing room. But when having your makeup done and hair styled, get all the females out. They will distract you and make you laugh, and worse, they might distract the stylists as well, leaving you with less-than-stellar hair and makeup.

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Smell great, but don’t overdo it

Apart from having beautiful makeup and a beautiful hairstyle, you would want to smell great. But there’s a thin line between smelling wonderful and smelling like a perfume shop. Whilst perfume is always good (especially fresh, floral scents), don’t overdo it. A little bit on your wrists or behind your ears would be more than apt.

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