Advantages Of Having A Pet At Home

Advantages Of Having A Pet At Home

Pets offer hundreds of benefits to humans. A dog, a cat, even a goldfish, provides therapeutic health benefits of their owners. Our little friends, can improve loneliness, reduce stress and even promote social interaction. Caring for a pet can even help you live longer.

Having a pet not only mean fun. Research has shown that living with an animal can provide greater overall happiness, reduce our stress, motivate us to exercise more and improve our quality of life.

Many people adopt pets for company. After all, the animals offer us unconditional loyalty. Money cannot buy that special feeling of coming home and the dog wag its tail at the sight, or the cat curled up on your lap. These everyday joys remind us that we should take things easy in our busy and stressful life.

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Studies show that pets can even lower high blood pressure and stabilize cholesterol levels in the blood and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Animal owners attend medical consultations up to 15% less than people without pets.

Surveys revealed that more than 70% of pet owners say they never or rarely feel alone, and the likelihood of achieving the recommended level of physical activity per week increase; dog owners accounted for 55 minutes of total physical activity per week than people without dogs.

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Besides having a pet could well be the solution to reducing the stress of modern life, teach our children to be disciplined and brings us closer to our community: people talk more with one when you have a dog.

If you decided to bring home a pet, it is very important that you consider some considerations. If you decide on a dog, he mostly, you need to spend a few hours outdoors. If you spend most of the time at home, it is best that you decide on an animal that does not have such needs, such as a cat, a fish or a bird. If you are a very active person and enjoy daily activities outside of your home, especially you like walking or running, an energetic dog might be right for you. Dogs companions thrive on outdoor exercise, keeps you moving.

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And do not forget, if you adopt a pet, remember that many adult dogs or cats are looking for a house, maybe you can provide a loving home to spend his old age.

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