A List Of The Most Important Reasons For Choosing A Serviced Flat Over A Hotel

The serviced flat is not a new concept – it’s been around for quite a while and has been referred to under various names at some point in time or another: corporate housing, extended stay properties, apart-hotels, you name it. Only in the past few years has it become enormously popular, however, and it has become a strong trend that is changing the hospitality industry. There are very good reasons why the serviced apartment is becoming so trendy, of course – and there don’t seem to be any good reasons why the trend would end. As a matter of fact, the demand far outweighs the supply at this point. Ever wondered what makes a serviced apartment so great? Here is a list of the most important reasons for choosing a serviced flat over a hotel.

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Lots More Space

Think of your typical hotel room – even the more expensive one – and you probably won’t imagine a spacious room. It’s one of the reasons why serviced flats are so popular; they offer more space than hotels, often two or three times more. This increase in living area is a big deal: it allows you to get better organised, and offers you more freedom as well as comfort. Space means options.

Your Own Kitchen

If you’re staying in a hotel, you may enjoy the food for a little while (although chances are you’ll grumble about the price). Furthermore, you’ll only have limited options. Serviced lets give you a fully furnished kitchen and give you the possibility to cook your favourite meals and make yourself truly at home.

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Your Own Time and Privacy

Hotels may offer a great service but still present the guest with a formal atmosphere that lacks privacy and insists on decorum. Serviced flats are not like that; the guest can truly relax and feel at home in a serviced flat.

Value for Money

Yes, it’s much cheaper than a hotel room, especially on the long term – and certainly if you consider the options to cook and the additional space that you have available to you at any point in time.

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In other words, a serviced apartment allows a traveler to stay in a home away from home – with all the amenities a modern and luxurious home would offer. Furthermore, services such as housekeeping and possibly laundry could be arranged, which allows the guest to travel and relax in style and comfort. And last but certainly not least: there is complete privacy and a variety of options to choose from, privacy and options which are often lacking even in the best of hotels. It’s common sense, really, and it’s why serviced apartments will appear on the market more and more in the coming years.

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