Fascinating Facts About WordPress Web Development

The calmness of the huge ship is what the common man often witness, but none are aware of the gnawing and pumping of huge and complicated machines that actually carries the ship effortlessly from one place to another. A website is one such ship that requires meticulous efforts, that often remains under wraps, to remain consistent on world wide web. Web development is a constant evolution of the virtual market where it is a wide ocean of opportunities with just a few clicks.

An increasing number of the virtual public has given rise to a lot of content on the websites which eventually requires a tool to maintain and govern its existence in the virtual world. Do not lag behind in creating an online presence worth getting clicked and recognized globally. All the techno freaks who would like to create a niche in the technical field, WordPress can prove to be the pre-eminent tool to fabricate a virtual connection.

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Let us explore why WordPress Web Development is the talk of the town by taking a look at some of the interesting facts about Word Press.

Entertaining Millions of Virtual Viewers:

Word Press – an open source website creation tool has managed to garner more than 66 million websites, has made the optimum use of this web development tool. Approximately18000 downloads are being witnessed on a daily basis. CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes are some of the famous and most used sites has seen WordPress playing an integral part in development. Did you know that the Facebook Newsroom is powered by WordPress.

Multilinguistic by Nature:

English is considered to be the most commonly used language for communication throughout the world. Language barrier now becomes a thing of the past when we talk about the credentials of WordPress web development. WordPress renders a complete translation in a variety of languages that includes German, Croatian, Japanese, Norwegian, Slovenian, Hebrew, Spanish, Indonesian, English, Swedish, Slovak, Romanian, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Italian, Dutch, Macedonian and the list sums up to almost 73 different languages in total.

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Acknowledged with High Recognition Worldwide:

WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System globally. The number of blogs being posted are racing against the seconds of a clock with approximately 17 blogs being posted per second. Thus resulting in thousands of blogs being posted on a daily basis. It also attracts a whopping 30,000,000 visitors searching for WordPress related terms on Google.

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An Add-on Worth Adding:

Adding oil to vehicles increases its efficiency and its performance. Similarly, plug-ins play an important role as an additional function in a software that helps in fueling its efficiency. You would be amazed to know that WordPress Plugins are being downloaded approximately 285,000,000 million times.

More than Just Blogging:

It started out as an ideal and efficient platform for bloggers, but eventually ended up in providing a greater space for making a presence on the web. Be it creating websites or e-commerce sites, WordPress has taken over the web with its simplicity in web development.

Aren’t these facts fascinating enough to be a part of the WordPress family ? Go ahead and open your WordPress account and carve a niche in the technical world.

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