Key Reasons Why You Need Transcription Services For A Disciplinary Hearing

There is nothing particularly pleasant about a disciplinary hearing. But unfortunately when you employ people, disciplinary hearings are sometimes essential. The problem with a disciplinary hearing is that you can never be sure at the beginning how it will all end up – for example, it could end up having been a simple misunderstanding and with clear and calm discussion, everyone walks away from the procedure happier. But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the employee is determined to fight the accusations to the end, and will make life extremely difficult for those in the hearing. In any event, it is wise to record the meeting in writing to make sure you have a formal record of what happened, whatever you decide to do next.

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What are Disciplinary Hearings?

A disciplinary proceeding normally comes about because an employee has been performing poorly at work, or there has been an incident where their behaviour has affected performance or the performance of others in the workplace. In some cases the employee will know that they are facing a disciplinary hearing; in other cases it will come as a surprise. The request for a disciplinary hearing needs to be made in writing and the employee is entitled to bring someone with them, i.e. a union representative or a colleague.

Reasons Why Transcripts of Disciplinary Hearings Are Needed

Sometimes a disciplinary hearing will not go to plan. Employees are naturally angry, sometimes, and will dispute all allegations when they do not see themselves as having done anything wrong. If things turn out particularly badly, an employee may try to sue for unfair dismissal. It is important to have an accurate transcript of the hearing so that a tribunal will be able to see how events occurred and what exactly was said.

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How Transcription Helps

Professional transcription services also help to stay on track during a disciplinary hearing. It is not always easy to stay focused when someone is emotional, or saying things you do not agree with. Sometimes you may not realise what has been said until you read it back at a later date, more calmly. Professional transcription services provide the full account you need of a disciplinary hearing so that whatever happens, you know the truth of the proceedings. It is therefore vital that a transcription company treats the audio and transcript of the hearing in complete confidence. Often you can have the transcription company sign a confidentiality agreement when there is particularly sensitive information being discussed. A full transcript is the only way you can prove what was said, and how it was said, after the event.

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