4 Tips To Save Money When Packing Stuff Before Moving To A New Place

Once you have used up your savings to buy a new house, you may need to be on a tight budget for several months or even years. Therefore, you can’t afford to spend a lot as you move to your new house and start a new life. There are strategies that you can follow so that it will be easier for you to pack your old stuff and transfer it without spending a lot of money.

  1. Pack breakables in cloth instead of bubble wrap

You might have to buy a lot of bubble wrap so that all breakables are protected. This is true especially during bumpy rides. You want these items to be intact upon arrival at the new place. The problem is that buying bubble wrap for all those breakables might cost you a lot. To save money, you can use cloth. Better yet, use your clothes that you normally just use at home. You are packing them in your luggage anyway. You may also use your socks as padding. This provides added protection.

  1. Buy stretch wrap in bulk
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Almost all items have to be stretch wrapped. This will seal them well to avoid damage. When hiring a moving company, it also indicates that nothing inside was touched. Since you will be using several meters of stretch wrap anyway, it is best if you buy this item in bulk.

  1. Use sandwich bags to hold small items
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Small items are among the most difficult to pack. Jewellery, tools, machine parts and electronic parts might get lost or damaged if you don’t pack them well. The problem in placing them in one big bag is that you might get confused as you start separating them. You might even mix things up and this could pose a huge problem. To prevent this from happening, you need to buy sandwich bags or recycle the ones you already have at home. They are cheap and they will properly seal the items placed inside.

  1. Hire the right moving company

You might think that hiring a moving company such as removals Gloucester is an added expense. The truth is that you will save more if you hire experts in moving. They will take care of everything up until all your items have been properly transferred. You may also negotiate with them so that the rate might be lower. The items that you have packed will surely remain safe and intact. If not, the payment you have made to the moving company covers insurance. Those broken items will be refunded, wholly or partially.

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Packing and unpacking can be stressful especially if you think of the cost. With these money saving tips, you have one less problem on your shoulders.

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