Sting On Pedophiliac Behavior Traps A Surry Police Officer

A latest sting on pedophiliac behavior of a police officer, involving a girl child, has been reported in Surrey. A vigilante pedophile-hunting group trapped a Mountie appointed with Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The incident involved a 14-year-old girl posing a decoy, which allured the officer for sexual intimacy. RCMP has arrested the suspected officer and taken him into custody. According to an acting RCMP commanding officer, criminal investigation is going on besides an internal code of conduct investigation. The suspected officer has been suspended from his duty. People are waiting anxiously for release of investigation report, as the suspected officer involved in the trapping incident is getting hatred reaction from various groups and individuals. The Police have confirmed the allegations involving a child luring for sexual exploitation. The incident finds prime space not only in Canada newspapers but also in the world newspapers.

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According to Surrey ‘Creep Catchers’, an RCMP officer has been caught in a sting to reveal heinous act of pedophilia involving a girl child and the accused officer. However, the sudden outbreak of the news on social media created lot of confusion among people. The police sources revealed that the suspended officer was not named on social media. Such misleading information and unfair assumptions made it extremely stressful. Police authorities are criticizing the wrong information disseminated over social media.

An officer commented over the said incident involving Creep Catchers. He alleged that it is very difficult to deal with an incident involving the group, which is a publicity-seeker. According to Canadian justice system, the offenders are eligible for rehabilitation and police monitor them regularly even after they are released from the custody. Police sources felt the incident very shameful and expressed their solidarity to stop such happenings in the long-term.

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Condoning the incident RCMP further states that officers have been trained to find child-luring suspects online; however, groups, such as Creep Catchers, just pose set back to their investigations. Condemning the incident, police further said that such behavior increases the risk of public safety. The Canadian newspapers, media and social media are featuring mixed reactions of people post-incident.

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Creep Catcher’s members undertake various stings, in which they pose underage girls online. They aim to trap the men who try to contact girls for sex. After sharing some messages, a meeting is arranged in public locations like open parks and parking lots. Thereafter, video recordings of the trapping incidents, apart from the prior text messages, are posted online. The said meeting, involving the arrested police officer and the luring girl child, also took place outside a Surrey shopping mall on September 7. The video displaying the whole incident was widely shared on social media and various other publicity platforms. The news is getting widespread publicity in Canadian newspapers as well as world newspapers.

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