A Comparison Between Modular and Custom-Built Steam Showers: Which One Is Better For You?

You basically have two options when it comes to steam showers: you can opt for a modular or pre-built steam shower unit, or you can choose to have a steam shower that’s custom-built and made to your exact specifications. But if you are having difficulty deciding which one is best, it would be a good idea to learn more about some important facts about each.

The Facts on Custom-built or Bespoke Steam Showers

Just like its name implies, a custom-or bespoke steam shower is a shower that is built from scratch according to your needs and preference. The custom-built steam shower is different from a regular shower in that it is connected to a special steam shower generator which can generate or produce water vapour or steam.

A custom-built steam shower would have to be tiled on all sides – from the floors to the ceilings and walls. It also has to have a door that has a water-tight seal so no vapour or steam can escape. Some custom-built steam showers would also be equipped with interior seating for extra comfort.

What you should keep in mind regarding custom-built steam showers is that they will undoubtedly be more expensive than modular steam showers. This is because you have to think of everything, and having a custom-built steam shower made is akin to having your entire bathroom remodeled. However, if you already have an existing shower and would just like to convert it into a steam shower, you may simply need to have a shower door installed, tile all the surfaces of the shower, and set up a steam generator and the matching controls.

One other fact about custom-built steam showers is that they have to be fitted and installed only by professionals. Don’t attempt to do it yourself, as there is a special way of installing the different elements (like the tiles, which need to be set in mortar rather than stuck with adhesive). Everything needs to be done properly or your home is in danger of moisture buildup.

The Facts on Modular Steam Showers

Modular steam showers are the perfect solution for those who want all the benefits of a steam shower without worrying about its different components. With a modular steam shower, all the necessary components are already included – from the generator to the steam dispensers, shower heads, hydro jets, water-tight doors and seals, and other features such as LED or chromatherapy lighting, radio and Bluetooth, and more.

When it comes to cost, modular steam showers are also a lot less expensive than custom-built steam showers, as all you have to do is pay for the unit and its installation. Installation can be easy as well, as the unit just needs to be hooked up to electricity and plumbing in most cases.

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