Tea Tree Oil Uses And Benefits

Tea tree is native to Southeast Queensland. Tea tree essential oil helps to prevent the spread of skin infections. Contains powerful antiseptic properties and It has the ability to treat wounds. Tea tree has a pleasant scent of nutmeg. Here are the amazing properties and health benefits of the essential oil of tea tree.

  1. The essential oil of tea tree helps to clean and clear wounds, prevent infection. Contains antiseptic properties, it is a product perfectly suited to cure all kinds of infections, including cuts and abrasions, bites and insect bites.
  2. This oil can help with relief from muscular pain, aches, and it is very rich in chemical properties and one of the best anti-inflammatory property that can improve your blood flow.
  3. Among its other benefits, the essential oil of tea tree also fights against bacteria, some of which are resistant to powerful antibiotics, while sparing, it seems, the skin flora. This oil has its ability to reduce histamine-induced type I hypersensitivity reactions. allowing it to attack violently and quickly to the infectious agent. As an antifungal agent, Trichophyton, a fungus responsible for athlete’s foot and other infections of the nails.
  4. The essential oil can fight against acne. According to a several studies, less side effects and important with the essential oil of tea tree: for dry skin and It is the best pharmaceutical lotion.
  5. Another study concluded that a key 0.5% of tea tree oil protects against Pityrosporum ovale, a fungus often cause of dandruff.
  6. Swiss researchers have discovered that a special medical preparation with essential of tea tree oil protected against the bacteria responsible for oral lesions.
  7. Important: apply pure essential oil on oral lesions: tea tree oil is irritating to some people and it is poisonous to swallow. You need to prepare a mixed solution of toothpaste, tea tree oil with coconut oil and then mixes it with baking soda for an amazing homemade toothpaste.
  8. A laboratory test revealed that the essential oil of tea tree contains substances that can fight against lice. Apply a diluted amount of  oil to your scalp. Recommend to combat these pest, especially to ensure that it can be used for this purpose at no risk to health.
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