E-Commerce Sites Contributing Towards Sales

Purchasing behaviour has changed significantly after the formation of e-Commerce companies and online availability of goods and services. It is no longer essential to visit shops or showrooms to buy a product of your choice. From the comfort of your home or while waiting at the bus station it is now possible to shop at your heart’s content. You are saved the trouble of shop hopping in the heat and dust and still return dissatisfied.

Leading sellers of services and goods now to complement their counter sales have begun selling through their dedicated websites or through e-Commerce portals. These e-Commerce portals could be exclusive to a product line such as clothes or electronic goods; or a provider of several categories of commodities like mobiles, household items, books, clothing, fitness equipment and so on. e-Commerce is popular worldwide and India is not an exception. Triggered with the popularity of these portals the need for companies creating these has also risen. ecommerce development company in India is now a growing sector and attracts the best brains.

Types of e-Commerce Companies:

Theoretically speaking there are four kinds of e-Commerce companies, namely, B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C. Of these B2B and B2C are most common, and lately C2C is gaining prominence.

B2B (business to business) In this category, trading takes place between two business entities. Selling and purchasing is done in bulk. A perfect example would be an apparel company buying fabric from a textile manufacturer. Here, substantial value addition is made to a product after it changes hands. Cloth or fabric by itself is of little value till it is finished as a shirt or saree. Here both the fabric manufacturer and shirt maker are business houses forming a vertical.

B2C (business to consumer) This is the commonest form of e-Commerce portal. As the name suggests, commodities and services are bought by end-users from their makers or sellers. As was mentioned earlier, there are portals which offer only a single class of item to buyers, while there are some which offer an ensemble of commodities. Hotel booking portal is an example of B2C e-Commerce website.

C2B (consumer to business) There is not much of a existence of this portal variety, as there is little instances of consumers selling to business houses.

C2C (consumer to consumer) Lately this class of e-Commerce sites have gained in significance. There is a substantial market for used products in India. Goods could either be exchanged or sold outright through these portals.

Creating e-Commerce Sites:

Creating e-Commerce sites is a challenging task. It needs to be updated continuously as price fluctuations and new product additions are common. The task becomes tougher for multi-product platforms. e-Commerce development company India has taken up this challenge with confidence and till date is successful.

It is very important that these websites are not only informative but also carry customers’ opinions and product ratings. These sites must also be responsive and interactive. As Internet accessible devices range from mobile phones to desktop e-Commerce portals need to be responsive for comprehensive market coverage. Interactivity is necessary, as that would allow buyers to express their opinions and also complete a selling cycle.

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