How To Have The Best Vacation Ever!

How is it that a vacation that is supposed to make you feel relaxed can sometimes cause more stress in your life? Vacation should never make you feel like that. If you want to make sure you’re having the time of your life on your next vacation, you need to be following these four simple steps.

  1. Travel Light

Do not overpack, ever. You’ll be sure to find essential toiletries on your vacation, so bringing soap and shampoo is pointless and takes up extra space in your luggage or carry on. Plus, the less liquids you bring onto the plane, the faster you’ll pass airport security and less of a potential mess you may find when unpacking. Be sure to bring only essential clothing and nothing more, layering is key here. In terms of shoes, bring one pair of sneakers for walking, one pair of flip flops for the beach, and another pair that will go with everything. The less you bring, the more confident you’ll be in not paying extra in luggage weight, which will obviously leave you much happier on your entire trip knowing that you saved some cash.

The best way to save space space though, is to go digital on your entertainment. If you’re a fast reader, you may be tempted to take 3 or 4 books on a 7 day trip, but that can take up so much space. Consider switching to an e-reader or audiobooks for your trip. The best bang for your buck is a book streaming service so that you’re not paying $10 per book. We stumbled upon Playster recently, which has unlimited access to books and audiobooks. It’s a great app to consider for reading, especially when travelling.

  1. Manage Your Expectations

While you hope your trip is the best ever, your expectations might not be fully met. That’s why it’s great to plan ahead in case something doesn’t go your way. Expecting sunshine all week? Think ahead and plan what you may do if the weather isn’t what you thought it would be. While we know you expect your trip to be perfect, sometimes there’s small bumps along the road.

  1. Take It All In

Enjoy every moment of your trip. No matter the circumstances, you came on a vacation to relax. Unless you or a family member are in a dire situation, you should be able to enjoy the fact that you’re away from home and minor problems. Make a promise to yourself before the trip starts to ensure that every moment of your trip is soaked in and to live in the moment.

  1. Limit Your Work

Working on your trip shouldn’t be done unless absolutely necessary. If you must work, try limiting it to the absolutely necessary stuff and limit your time on it. Optimistically, you should be spending less than a half hour on work related things during your vacation. If you can, eliminate any work altogether and make sure coworkers are only messaging you for absolute emergencies. If not, work will be there when you get back.

How do you ensure that you’ll enjoy your vacation to the max? Tell us in the comments below!