Samsung Galaxy S8 and Its Features

Galaxy S8 is one of the best models designed by Samsung. It supports multiple versions of android operating system like android kitkat and android lollipop. With awesome quality of camera and sound, Galaxy S8 supports memory card of up to 128 GB. Following are some of the best features of Galaxy S8 which will make you attract towards the model:

  • Oriented and detailed display

The 8.4” display provides stunning contrast of movies and games with vivid colours and wonderful effects of dark shadows. The screen works with double the pixels that are present in HD TV and keeps each and every view clear by adjusting the brightness levels automatically on the basis of your environment and the surround dings and what you are viewing.

  • Very light to handle

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The Samsung galaxy S8 is ultra thin in design with a comfortable make up. It is less than one Lb in

weight and seems to be weightless. It is perfect to carry at the time you are travelling and also allows sharing of applications with other devices at any place and at any time.

  • Highly secure

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With just a swipe of your finger you can lock and unlock the device to avoid any pocket dials. Also highly advanced biometrics features are used in the device which supports scennings like eye scanner and finger print scanner etc.

  • Multi tasking and more productive

At same time more than one task can be performed, like you can watch a video and simultaneously read an email or a text message and at the same time can perform some editing on any image. Also there is facility to customize the device according to your mood swings. For example, in kid mode you can customize play time and apps.

  • Ultra power saving mode

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You can even work in ultra power saving mode when the battery goes low. It turns the screen to lack and white and stops the unessential apps. Note 6 and Note 7 are the next big releases to watch out for.