5 Beautiful Places To Visit In Canada

A wonderful country to visit for an exotic vacation, Canada has captivating natural scenery that is sure to blow you away. The scenic retreats and buzzing cityscapes give the place a charm of its own. If you are planning for a trip to this beautiful country, there are some places you must definitely not miss.

Here are the 5 beautiful places that deserve a visit on your trip to Canada.

1. Vancouver

5 Beautiful Places To Visit In Canada

Considered to be one of the most beautiful cities to live in, Vancouver has a wonderful charm that attracts visitors in large numbers. The place is an ideal spot for adventure lovers. There is always something exciting happening around the city which will keep you hooked to it.

With plenty of cultural attractions like markets and museums, the city is a place that must be visited in Canada. You can make use of makemytrip coupons from CashKaro.com to book flight tickets to Canada. The advantage of using coupons is that you get to save money as discounts and cashback.

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2. Toronto

5 Beautiful Places To Visit In Canada

Located in the state of Ontario, Toronto is a wonderful city that is alive at all times. The diversity that one gets to experience in the place is unmatched. You will be seeing people from all over the world in this city.

The cultural towns like Little India, Greektown and Koreatown are places where you find a particular community in excess. Be prepared to be transported to another world on your trip to the city.

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3. Niagara Falls

5 Beautiful Places To Visit In Canada

The Niagara Falls separates USA and Canada. The wondrous falls is a real treat to view from the Canadian side. A location for daredevil stunts by experts, the water rushes at 20-30 miles per hour and has a drop from 170 feet.

Be prepared to have the sight of a lifetime on your visit to the Niagara Falls. The misty fog produced as water rolls over rocks and hits the bottom is a wonderful sight. Don’t ever miss it!

4. Ottawa

The small yet lively city will be your choice if you are lively and young at heart. The vibrant city is clean and the views are spectacular. The place is somewhat chilly but you will get used to it soon. The state-of-the-art museums, beautiful shops and mind-blowing architecture will surely take your breath away.

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Some adventure sports that can be taken up in the place include hiking, snowboarding, ice-skating and snorkeling. The beautiful chapels and green scenery make Ottawa an attractive place to visit.

5. Montreal

A world-class shopping destination, Montreal has 18th century structures that make it a visual treat. From old-fashioned houses to beautiful restaurants, the city is a wonderful cultural mix. Foods are another high point of the city and you must definitely take a visit to a bakery to have some lip-smacking pastries.

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