A Trip To The Lustrous West India – Call Of The Hills

The Western part of the Indian subcontinent is a soulful rendition of the quaint charms of the Rajputana grandeur, the splendid heritage of the Gujarati community, and the might of the powerful Marathas of Maharashtra. If talking about sceneries, mountains, and cloud laden fields, then it isn’t always the North, even the Western part of India has pretty much a magnificent gathering of some of the most beautiful hill stations in the country. You should give these ones a try!

For the next weekend getaway, or that much needed holiday in the hills, try the following mystic spots in the western part of India. You might find that joy-to-the-soul destination somewhere here.

1. Mount Abu, Rajasthan

A Trip To The Lustrous West India - Call Of The Hills

The sole hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is not only a solace from the heat waves of the deserts of Rajasthan, but is also a place to unwind while enjoying the magical sunset views here as well as getting a flavor of the authentic Rajasthani culture. Being pretty close to Gujarat, Mount Abu offers an amazing blend of Rajasthani and Gujarati handloom, artefacts, textiles, etc. Take an Ahmedabad to Mount Abu taxi to reach Mount Abu from Gujarat in four hours maximum.

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2. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

A Trip To The Lustrous West India - Call Of The Hills1

Mahabaleshwar is a haven of gorgeous lakes, luscious greens, splendid ancient temples, and offers a range of exciting things that make it an attractive option and also one of the most popular hill stations of the state of Maharashtra. Best time to visit this place is from September to December when the weather could literally give you a restorative feel in whole.

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3. Saputara, Gujarat

A Trip To The Lustrous West India - Call Of The Hills2

Saputara is a hillstation easily roosted on the second most stunning level in the Sahyadris in the Dang forests range. At a stature of 1000 meters, it is known for its dazzling perspectives of the slopes and timberlands and charming, nippy air all the year through. This is one of the best, unique weekend getaways from Mumbai and Gujarat, both. Also, if you are a dancing peacock in the rain, then this is the very spot for you, for Saputara is a seductive delight to the eyes especially in monsoons.

4. Panchgani, Maharashtra

A Trip To The Lustrous West India - Call Of The Hills3

Surrounded by five hills, owing to its very name, Panchgani is the most loved hill station of the Mumbaikars. The hill station is a beautiful blend of British and Parsi homes and lifestyle, and is inundated by scenic valley views. For a perfect date, park your car right near the cliff overlooking the horizon, during the crack of the dusk, and see the magic that this place weaves!

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5. Amboli

A Trip To The Lustrous West India - Call Of The Hills4

A treat for wildlife lovers, Amboli is six hours from Mumbai by road and is a totally photogenic spot. This spot has purplish blue skies, rich greens, and a pleasant weather usually that add to the visual satisfaction for any explorer. It is a faultless spot for revival and you may not find it in the generic list of holiday packages, for it is one offbeat, serene, and still a less frequented destination in western side of India.