Bathroom Renovations Cost Breakdown

Your bathroom may be small in size, but the costs to get a renovation completed can be high. Why is this and what does a cost breakdown look like? Toolbox Renovations will answer these questions here.

The different elements that go into making the bathroom work accounts for the costs

You need your Victoria BC bathroom renovation to have adequate plumbing, electrical wiring, moisture protection, and decoration. That is a lot to fit into one small room, and costs will only rise if you want anything that is above the standard. You can expect that the labour and expenses put into your renovation will account for 60 to 70 percent of the costs. The finished products you purchase such as baths, sinks, cabinets, and flooring will take up 30 to 40 percent. Bathroom finished products typically are not as expensive as kitchen, finished products, unless you are going for anything that is high end.

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Bathroom Renovations Cost Breakdown

Relocating a fixture that requires plumbing is going to cost you

Where your bathroom fixtures are located plays a big part in how comfortable you feel in the space, and sometimes it helps to change the layout of sinks, baths, showers, and toilets. We want you to know, though, that this can add a lot of additional costs. Not only is it costly to complete an extensive change in your plumbing, you will also have to keep extra room in your budget for unexpected costs that could arise. Once your bathroom renovation contractor starts the work, they may find some obstacles that they would have had no way to know about previously.


Small tiles can cost a lot in labour time

If you’re looking to have your shower retiled, keep this in mind: small tiles may be cheaper to buy from a manufacturer, but more labour time will be needed to install them than if larger tiles were used. This could result in an increase in expenses overall.

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The overall cost can differ by thousands of dollars, depending on products and the amount of renovations being completed

You could expect partial bathroom renovations to cost up to $10,000 and a complete renovation for a regular sized bathroom to cost $15,000. Higher costs can be expected if you purchase luxury fixtures. For example, a high-end bathtub can costs thousands of dollars, while a standard one could cost as little as $400.

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