The Complete Guide To Diving In Koh Tao

Lots of travelers visit Thailand every year. One of the best diving spots is Koh Tao; aka Turtle Island. It is one of the second most popular diving sites in the world. This would be due to the abundant number of dive sites, the cheap courses available, and the laidback life style.

There are over 50 dive training shops competing for business on the island.
How do you pick the best one? There are two types of instruction offered PADI or SSI. It doesn’t matter which certification you walk away with. You will still be qualified to dive in the same locations, use the same equipment, and see similar fish. However the choice may effect the quality of instruction and may determine how qualified your diving instructor may be.

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The Complete Guide To Diving In Koh Tao

PADI is a very popular agency on the island. Over 1 million certifications come out of here every year. The major benefit from this agency usually comes at a professional level. Since it is such a big agency it has a lot of employment opportunities for a diver instructor. PADI also allows their instructors to work independently instead of being based out of a shop.

SSI is the cheaper alternative for new divers. You will save 10% in costs by choosing this option. The extra money will make a difference later on during your visit.

Your average diving course will take about 3 days to complete. Adults and Children’s young as 12 years old can take the course. The course usually contains written tests, reading materials, and live dives for hands on experience. After completion you will receive a certification card that allows you to dive independently without an instructor up to a depth of 18 meters.

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When choosing a school there are several things to keep in mind. How crowded is the school? Do they speak your language? Are they qualified? Are diving times flexible? Is the equipment up to date and available in your size?

There are several diving spots to choose from where you can spot different forms of sea life. Chumpon is a popular site where you can spot colorful sea anemone and large schools of batfish, trevaly, and baracudda. If you are lucky you can see a giant whale shark.

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Another popular location is The Wreck of Sattakut. It was a popular navy ship that sunk recently. A lot of sting rays and putterfish have made it their home. These are just two examples of the many spots to go diving!

When you are ready to go diving you will need to come prepared. It is a wise investment to purchase a scuba package that essentially comes with all the gear you would need; regulators, octos, BCDs. If you are looking to document your journey into the deep; you should also purchase water proof video cameras and lights. Diving is a fun, exciting experience filled with lots of adventure.

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