Establishing An Instant Household

The speed at which we live our lives these days means we are often moving from one destination to another. Regular travellers living their lives on the hoof will be familiar with the routine of shutting up one house and opening up another in a different city. Career demands often dictate that we move to where we are most needed, and those places are apt to change on a frequent basis.

Living a life in flux doesn’t suit everybody, but those who thrive best on the challenge are the ones who take time to put in place solid support networks. The responsibility for success or failure of a busy household lies with those charged with running it. When you have a busy career or many business commitments it helps to have staff you can rely on to ensure a smooth running household. When you are spending long hours at work or on other pressing matters, it is essential that you have peace of mind over your domestic arrangements.

However, this is sometimes easier said than done because in a new city where you have no contacts or acquaintances, finding the best household and domestic staff can be tricky. Whatever your budget, whether a billionaire or of more modest means, getting access to the best candidates is key. Where do you go for high quality, experienced, vetted and discreet staff? Fortunately, in the city of London, jet setting lifestyles are a familiar phenomenon and there are agencies that are ready and able to solve your household staffing solutions. Respected London agencies such as RockMyBaby should be the people to call once you touch down in London. RockMyBaby can offer flexible, reliable and fully vetted support in a range of areas, aimed to make London life easier, simpler, more comfortable and efficient.

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Establishing An Instant Household

Family First

So which areas do you need covering? Well, the smooth-running of a modern household starts with the management of the family. Do you have children accompanying you? If so, the services of a nanny, governess or baby sitter may be required. Other specialist support such as maternity nurses for new mothers can be arranged too. If your children are of school age, a governess can take charge of their educational needs in a structured and stimulating way. Alternatively, if the children are attending London schools, there is the issue of the school run each morning and evening – do you need somebody to feed and dress children prior to leaving? Do you need a chauffeur or driver to deliver them safely to school?

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The Harmonious House

Another domestic appointment that can really ease your workload is that of a housekeeper. Forget outdated notions of Downton Abbey servitude, modern housekeepers are dynamic professionals on a mission to deliver the best. He or she will be in charge of the detail of running your living accommodation, the cleanliness of the place, the discreet and silent management of all those home comforts you take for granted.

The Personal Touch

If career, business or social commitments are really pressing on you, consider securing the help of a personal assistant to help lighten the load. Somebody who can deal with admin, diary organisation, running errands and directing household projects will quickly make their usefulness felt. If you are one of those people who always feels twenty four hours in a day is never enough, perhaps a Personal Assistant is the answer to your prayers.

Smart Cuisine at Home

Busy lives mean that time spent cooking up delicious meals in the kitchen can be hard to find. Why not remove the problem by securing the services of a personal chef? A gastronomic professional can serve up tasty menus for you and your family, according to particular dietary requirements and needs. Whether it is full time support that is needed or just some expert help for special events, London agencies such as RockMyBaby can help.

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Where the Grass is Greener

When you are living in a busy crowded city like London, nothing beats getting outdoors. Much of the high quality rental accommodation in London is surrounded by green lawns and landscaped gardens for residents to enjoy. But gardens do grow and staff will be needed to maintain them in tip top condition so that they retain their looks. Groundskeepers and gardeners can also attend to other basic DIY tasks on the exterior of the house and if there is a swimming pool, they frequently have the expertise to manage the cleaning and filtering systems.

Wherever you live in the world, it is nice to be surrounded by home comforts. So isn’t it good to know that London delivers 100 per cent top service and choice when it comes to creating an instant, happy household?