How To Know You Have Your Dream Job

If you have a job that seems to be doing the trick but still has you unsure, look out for the following things and you will know if you have your dream job or not:

1. Passion

If you are passionate about what you do then the chances of you working at your dream job are high. But this passion has to be long lasting. This means that if you just started working somewhere and feel driven to go to work each morning, this may just be the excitement of working in a new place, it is not necessarily the passion of a dream job. However, if you have been working in one place for more than a year and still feel driven to wake up each morning it means you have found the job of your dreams.

2. Standard of living

This is a very important aspect that has to be considered when thinking whether the job you have is the one for you or not. A good job will improve your standard of living financially. You will earn better and thus the place you are living, your monthly finances, the phone you own, the car you drive and places you eat at will all automatically be better than they were before.  A job of your dreams does far more than that. If finances are not your concern then you will want more than a good paycheck. You will want a peaceful standard of living mentally. A job that is annoying and frustrating will keep you on the edge and you will hate waking up each morning.

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How To Know You Have Your Dream Job

3. Perfectionism

If you go to work with the drive that you just want to get through the day without perfecting your tasks, then it is just an ordinary job for you. However, if you wish to achieve perfectionism in everything you do it means not only do you wish to keep the job but also wish to excel in it.

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4. Social Life

There are many people who consider their work circle and their social circle two very separate entities. This does not mean that you do not get along with the people you work with, but just do not find it necessary to know them outside of work. This may be a sign that you find it hard to be around them even at work and that is not a good sign. People who tend to befriend their colleague’s demonstrate that they are content with where they work and the people they work with.

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5. Appreciation

If you lack motivation and passion, your job will be average. If it becomes a bench mark for your colleagues, the chances of you being appreciated and in turn feeling appreciated will increase. This automatically influences the employee to do better the next time.

With these things in mind, you can start assessing if there have been any differences in your personal and professional life ever since you started a particular job. You can also give yourself the peace of mind that the job you have is in fact the job of your dreams.

Aly Hansel is the author of this article. He talks about all the ways in which one can identify if the job they are doing is their dream job. His experience with has been great.