The Top 2 Trends Your Restaurant Needs

Everyone is familiar with Kermit the Frog’s famous saying, “It isn’t easy being green!” However, the saying is taking on new meaning, with concerns about environmental impacts on the Earth running high. After all, our everyday lives intrinsically depend on many things that are harmful to the environment. In the morning we shower before leaving for work, the air conditioning consuming electricity and cooling an empty house while we’re away; we drive our cars on the motorway, releasing emissions into the atmosphere; we even produce waste during our daily lunches when we throw away the packaging from our meals. Today’s consumers are all too aware of this. Over 71% look for environmental information when making decisions about businesses, products, and services, and 54% will choose ones that are environmentally friendly over those that aren’t.

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The Top 2 Trends Your Restaurant Needs

Clean, Green Cash Machine

Taking advantage of this trend and providing your customers with what they’re looking for can have a huge impact on your restaurant – and you can do it by paying attention to one important detail: your linens. Today they’re in higher demand than ever! They’re also one of the top things mentioned in restaurant reviews online. The evidence shows, then, that the quality of your linens – and how environmentally friendly they are – can be a deciding factor in whether or not a customer stays loyal.

Imagine walking into a restaurant for the first time. The tablecloth is wrinkly and worn, and there’s a mysterious stain on your napkin – or worse, there isn’t a tablecloth and you have to use a cheap paper napkin. That doesn’t build a positive first impression. If they were clean, crisply pressed cloth, you’d feel the restaurant is successful and takes pride in the details. What’s more is that upon reading the menu and seeing that the linens are environmentally friendly, you’d feel that choosing this restaurant was the best choice, both for you and for the environment! It’s a business that doesn’t just care about the details, but about the important things that really matter, too.

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Earth-Friendly and Trendy

Unlike Kermit, it’s actually quite easy for your business to be green. Simply find an environmentally conscious linen hire and laundry service, such as Stalbridge Linen. Choosing a linen company that cares about the environment is a partnership that will help you both; their success and care for the Earth is yours to share! After all, a successful green linen company will limit its energy consumption by using efficient machines and techniques, by reducing the emissions of its equipment, and even by conserving water! What’s more is that this attention to detail means that it’s a company that thinks of every detail, and you’ll receive perfectly clean, quality-controlled linens for your restaurant. It’s a choice that won’t just save you money; it’ll boost revenues and give customers a lasting, positive impression. Go green with your linens and watch your restaurant transform! Your customers, your wallet, and the Earth will all be thankful!

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