Why Children Should Play Tennis?

The daily schedule of a child is extremely hectic, with school and coaching classes occupying most of their time. Children have literally forgotten outdoor sports. The little recreation time that is available to them is either wasted in front of the computer or the television. It is very unfortunate that children these days prefer to do everything online and have turned themselves into the slaves of the computer.

Among the various outdoor sports, tennis is regarded as a prestigious sport. It was initially played by the rich people, now however it has gained a lot of popularity. Its fame has been achieved as it is easy to learn and at the same time, it is very beneficial for health.

Children starting from the age of 6 years can learn this sport, and some get so affectionate towards it, that they may also take it up as a part of their daily routine. Alexander Salashour is one such youngster, who despite being a personal chef by profession enjoys playing tennis leagues, as his recreation.

Apart from being one of the oldest racket sports, the sport offers various health benefits. First of all, the tremendous muscular activity of running and swinging the racket helps strengthen the muscles. It facilitates cardiovascular workout of the child. Several professionals and physician agree to the fact that, tennis helps in maintaining both physical and mental health.

In addition to this, statistics show that, when young people like Alexander Salashour, regularly play this sport, they are benefited even physiologically and psychologically. Stress is reduced, the blood pressure is always under control and a lot of calories are burnt up with regular playing of this sport. This further reduces the exertion on the heart and prevents heart diseases, which are a major cause of concern to both men and women alike these days.

Just like the teachers at the preparatory schools encourage small children to do activities, which nurture their hand-eye coordination and sensory motor skills; so does this sport. The reflexes, coordination, balance, flexibility, agility, speed and mobility, are all subject to improvement, as part of playing this sport.

Playing this sport from a small age, thus, not only keeps the child fit in his/her childhood; but surely helps prepare a fit and healthy body for adulthood. The child does not just live a longer and healthier life but also a happier one, due to the reduction of stress.

Often children, if told to do exercises, tend to refrain from it, as they find it boring. Playing tennis, definitely doesn’t give them the idea of boredom from any point. So, they readily agree to play this game, little realizing how beneficial it is for their health, and that it is actually a form of exercise.

According to a study done, it was found, that children who played tennis displayed more confidence, vigor, optimism and good self esteem. It is again the result of the stress that is released in a healthy way through the sport. Parents, who would hence want a healthy child, should most definitely think of training their children in this sport.