Tips and Tricks To Improve The Performance Of Your Android Tablet

The android tablets over a period of continuous usage tend to slow down a bit. If you have noticed that the performance of your beloved android device has dwindled a bit and that switching between apps is not as smooth as it was before, don’t worry it is just a normal thing that happens with every device. If you have been facing problems with your android tablet lagging at the wrong time while swapping between applications or returning to the home screen, it is clear sign that you perform these tricks mentioned below to get your device up and running just like it was before when you purchased and improve its performance:

Tips and Tricks To Improve The Performance Of Your Android Tablet

Uninstall the Unwanted and Unused Apps

One of the main reasons why the tablets slowdown is, people download a lot of apps on their device. These apps not only eat up the hard drive space but also slow down the functioning of the device. So if you have noticed that your tablet is not functioning fast enough, it is time that you check and review the number of apps that you have downloaded and delete the ones that you don’t use anymore.

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Keep Track of the Processes through Task Manager

No matter, which android tablet you are using the task manager is installed by default in it. While you use the tab through the day and keep switching between different applications it is important that you keep track of the apps that are running and close the tasks that are running in the background. If the tasks are left unclosed it drains the battery too. If you compare tablets, almost all the tablets whether they are budget tablet or a high-end one, all of them slow down if the processes running in the background are not closed frequently.

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Live Wallpapers are a Strict no-no

Anything that is in constant motion will definitely have an impact on the memory of the device. So if you have set any live wallpaper on your tablet chances are quite rife that it would eventually slow down the performance. To make your device run faster replace the live wallpaper with a still background.

Clear the Cache

This is one of the simplest ways to improve the performance of the android table and make it run faster. When you use different applications through the day some of the app has more cache, which in turn can hinder the performance of the device. To avoid these hassles, you can customize the cache setting and close the applications with high amount of cache running in the background. You can consider downloading Cache Cleaner apps that would ensure that your device has a sufficient amount of free memory at all times.

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Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not required

Simple steps like turning off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity when in not use can significantly improve the performance of your android tablet. Also, when you leave the Bluetooth on for a long it would drain off your battery juice quicker than you would imagine. So turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as soon as you are done with the task at hand.