Home Additions- A Unique Way To Enhance Value Of Your Home

The home additions are among one of the best ways for adding an extra space to your home that actually enhances the value of your home. With this addition to your home, you could even let go the option of selling your house in order to shift into the bigger one. The home addition plans are generally popular among the majority of the homeowners as moving from the present house doesn’t seem to be feasible option due to the memories and sentimental value that it holds.

There are a number of options that one can opt with the home additions. You can look for adding a sunroom or a master suite or an entire second storey or even just a bathroom, which generally depends on the individual needs. This adds up flexibility to your home as the free area or the addition to the home can be used just the way you want to. So, in order to help you with the best options of home additions, Ideal Homes is listing down some of the great ideas. Let us have a look at those ideas:

  • Sunrooms: The sunrooms are one of the best ways for adding more space to the existing home ultimately bringing the outdoors in. The sunrooms prove best for both the environments while offering the best indoor as well as outdoor space. One could look different things while building a sunroom, and can include a number of options to like the foundation, electricity, plumbing and many more amenities. Generally, the cost of sunroom depends on each single detail that the sunroom has.
  • Bump out: A bump out can also be considered as a smaller scale addition. A bump out, usually helps in enhancing the look of the space or room area that already exists. This is done just by adding extra footage to a particular room or area. For an instance, if you wish adding extra space to your master bedroom or kitchen, then a bump out could be a great way to do so. Just by adding a little space for extra cabinetry or adding single room could enhance the value of your home.

This option can be considered to be less expensive as compared to the standard house or room addition. Also, it will help in adding better resale value to your home. As a result, you can expect the house to be extended almost 2 to 8 feet, that too having a flat roof instead of extending your existing roof. Also, the bump outs need not require any kind of additional heating or cooling.

  • House or room addition: With a definite house or room additions, the clients usually tend to add up an entire room, like the master room or guest room or even multiple rooms. When opting for the multiple room additions, the clients usually prefer a master room or master suite with the bathroom in the existing home. These additions may prove to be expensive, but it compensates with the additional space that they provide along with adding significant resale value to the home.
  • Conservatory: A conservatory can be considered as another fancy name for the high-end sunroom. The conservatory can be as basic or as high-end as you prefer to have while designing a sunroom. A typical conservatory is made up of all glass which was traditionally used to display plants and flowers, commonly known as nursery or greenhouse. Nowadays, the modern conservatories are more luxurious and have beautiful spaces consisting of a number of different styles.

Thus, these were some of the unique ways for enhancing the value of the home by using home additions.

Author’s Bio: Ryan Holman is a renowned interior designer and works for one of the best Conservatory Companies. Here he is sharing some of the best ways to enhance the value of the home using different types of home additions.