Geoff Hoffman – A Leader With A Remarkable Strength Of Leading DHR International Successfully

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon and struggle hard to reach the top nor they have the strength to lead a vast organization founded by his parents successfully so that it can reach new heights. Geoff Hoffmann is one such man, a true leader with a great vision and remarkable strength of never succumbing to challenges, only to emerge as a winner! Currently working as the CEO of DHR International, he is responsible for all the functions and operations of his business which is not limited to just United States of America, but enjoys a global presence.

The executive search firm located in Chicago, Illinois has its consultants positioned in both emerging and established markets all over the world due to excellent proven methodology adopted by the company to search talent and ensuring effective recruiting of the same. Some of the practice areas of the consultants of the reputed company are advanced technology, education, retail, sports, media and entertainment, etc.

Geoff Hoffmann is much respected for the effort he has put to understand the nuances of the industry before stepping into the coveted shoes of his father David Hoffmann who was also the founder of the company. Jr. Hoffmann joined the company on a humble note in 1999 as an associate and carried out a number of searches for the executive level for diverse kinds of industries. Apart from conducting job searches, he also keeps an eye on all the international offices of the company and is also accountable for the development of each of the new offices.

Earlier, he was also into handling the overall corporate marketing, internal recruiting, strategic planning, public relations as well as research on a global front for the company. He also handled the successful launch of the now reputed Leadership Style Indicator of DHR International in 2012 after becoming the CEO. It was only during his tenure that the company made huge progress to expand its current base and established its offices in multiple countries.

He has profound knowledge and leadership skills which became evident from the fact that he also serves a board member of a real estate firm engaged into investment as well as coveted member of the prestigious Young Presidents’ Organization. He was also a member of Economic Club of Chicago.

Sound Educational Background

Education always shapes the future of an individual and Mr. Geoff Hoffmann has a very sound background in education as he has completed his degree course in Bachelor of Science in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Miami University. He also holds a master degree in finance from Booth School of Business of University of Chicago. No wonder, he has been quoted many times by the reputed business publications in the past and has been invited by Reuters, Fox Business News, CNBC, WSJ Live, CBS Market Watch.

Clearly, Geoff Hoffmann has exhibited exceptional skills and determination in becoming able to held the coveted position in his father’s company and has done consistently well with remarkable ease like a true leader to lead DHR International.