Selling Golden Jewellery

Every now and then people get strapped for cash, it happens to the best of us. Some of us look for extra work to cover the needed money, some of us turn to friends or family while other sell some of the things they own and then there are those who resolve to sell their jewellery. In case you arrive at a point whereby you would like to sell your jewellery to Gold Buyers Melbourne the best place to do so would be Cash for Old Gold.

 Selling Golden Jewellery

This company is one of the few gold dealing companies that has been operating Australia for the last few decades and also provide a variety of services that is free. In order to ensure that you get your jewellery’s value in terms of money is to check with an agent from Cash for Old Gold as they are the leading Gold Buyers Melbourne has to offer, with offices in Melbourne and other cities around Australia. The best thing about this company is that they depend on reputation and transparency to sustain their business, as anyone will tell you, in the gold trading industry, if a company has been blacklisted – this will shut down very quickly. However, companies such as Cash for Old Gold have online websites with all of the information you need at your fingertips, just click at whatever that states ‘click here to get latest updates’ to get the latest info on gold.

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They even have evaluators who will come to you and give you an evaluation on how much your jewellery is worth (fees may apply). The reason companies like Cash for Old Gold are able to offer better rates is simply due to the fact that they deal directly with refining aspect of the gold trade. They turn your old precious metals contained in your jewellery as good as new. On top of that they have a wealth of information on prices of precious metals throughout the world as gold prices vary due to currency value difference. It is fairly easy to do transactions with companies such as Cash for Old Gold as they deal with any transaction no matter the amount. Here are some ideas on how you could add extra income from the sale of your old jewellery.

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The primary method is by cleaning them before an evaluator has a look at them. If your gold looks tarnished (gold does not tarnish, it is the other components in the jewellery such as copper or silver that tarnish), it might lose a score or two in the evaluation as such clean out your gold and make it as presentable as possible. An old wives method to clean gold is to use fresh tamarind juice. Soak the gold in the tamarind juice for about 10 seconds; rub it with a wet cloth and then run the gold piece under the tap to remove the tamarind residue. Buff it with a dry lint free cloth and your gold will be golden again! This trick works all the time without fail, what it actually does is, it gets rid of the oxidization that the other metals that have been missed with gold pick up, this oxidization makes the gold look old and unattractive thus it might get undervalued. Tamarind works as an acid that ‘picks’ off the rust allowing the gold to shine through and get you a few extra dollars.

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