A Guide To Hosting A Successful Theme Party

Kids not only enjoy having a birthday party but look forward to having one. Parents usually plan and host parties for their kids – there are many ways to make it memorable. Instead of having a generic one, how about hosting a themed party? It may take a bit of effort but is well worth the effort. There is no dearth of ideas for theme parties – ask the birthday boy or girl what they would like and organize it accordingly. There are a number of games that can be played too.

What Games to Play:

  • Outdoor Games: Depending on the time of year, outdoor games are a great way to get kids to expend energy and also have fun.
  • Wii Games: Wii has quite a few games which require more than one player. This is a good option for younger children and can help them to develop good coordination. Adults can also join in and add to the fun.
  • Board Games: These can also be a lot of fun for kids. Learning to play together, strategy and rules are all part of the process.

Tips for Hosting:

Once the theme and games have been decided on, send out the invitations. Buy all the needed decorations and hang them up. The biggest task is to decide what snacks and drinks to offer the kids and older guests. Make sure to order or bake the child’s favorite cake and decorate it based on the theme. Ways to ensure that the party goes off without a hitch are:

Balanced teams: One important thing to do is to ensure that the kids are paired up well so that each one gets to play and win. It would be unfair to have strong players team up and beat the less skilled players.

Prizes: It is a good idea to buy small gifts that are fun and hand them out to all the guests. Some can be handed out as prizes for winning games. Stressing good manners and sportsmanship is very important.

Simple Menu: Serve easy to eat and fun foods to guests. Finger sandwiches, roll ups, wraps, pizza, chips/veggies and dip and cake are usually appreciated. Have snacks like popcorn, nuts and cut up fruit so that healthy food options are on offer. Drinks like fruit juices, some soda and water can be included.

Joining in the fun: Some parents can participate and get the games started. This is a good way to get the kids to learn the rules and also strategize. Keep in mind that it is a kid’s party – children get a big kick out of knowing that adults appreciate their games and fun just as much.

Engage entertainers to play with the kids: There are several entertainers like magicians, balloon artists etc who can put up a good show at the kids parties. You can engage them to let your kids have a blast. Check out more ideas for kids parties in surrey and plan the best party for your kids birthday.