Make Sure Your Home Safe With Lightweight Construction Panels

There is a noticeable growing trend in the use of lightweight construction panels in the wood products industry throughout the world. The panels are based on pure natural elements. A panel is a distinct section of wall, wainscot, door, ceiling, shutter, fence, etc; esp. one sunk could be raised above the surface or enclosed by border or a frame – thin and flat piece of wood or a large piece of ply wood.

Lightweight construction panels with support cores disposal between cover plates are often also called sandwich plates- lightweight construction panels. The sandwitch panels include as intermediate layer or support core. The honeycomb layers are used as intermediate support layer.


Tecnologies advances improve the performance of the new generation of panels.On the basis of their density, panels can be grouped in four catagories:

1.Heavy or traditional materials

2. Lightweight materials

3. Extra-light materials

4. Ultra-light materials.


* doors, household furniture, office furniture.

* cabinets, counters and other work surfaces.


*office space dividers

*table tops

*thick contemporary design pieces

*displays for department stores and other retail establishments.

Disadvantages of using heavyweight construction panels like, its manufacturing create pollution, non standardization in properties and also speed of work cannot be increased as it takes the long time to complete the work, materials are also heavy and inconvenient to transport.

We know that lightweight construction is a method of construction using lightweight materials such as wood, glass aluminum, steel or similar materials. This is different from conventional construction that uses concrete and many. The use of lightweight construction is continuously increasing for many structural purpose all around the world.

Make Sure Your Home Safe With Lightweight Construction Panels


  1. Sustainability.

  2. Thermal performance.

  3. Environmental impact.

  4. Local arability of materials and skills.

So give careful consideration to your choice of construction methods early in the project.


*Sparing use of resources.

*Wide-range design scope.

*Optimum logistics.


Some lightweight construction panels are given below-


A glass panel can provide a temperature buffer and insulation between indoors and outdoors as well as provide heating and induce airflow to assist cooling.


They are eco-friendly and healthier to live in. They are easy fast less cost to build and low on maintenance. It is naturally warm in winter and cool in summer. It is reliable and durable.


Aluminum is a strong metal with low density and offers durability and stability.


Building with steel panel systems you are getting superior strength, better energy efficiency, less maintenance, a non- combustible material. It also offers high energy efficiency.

Lightweight construction panels offer many benefits. Some of them are given below-

1. Panels are extremely lightweight and easily field modified.

2. It provides excellent strength to weight ratio.

3. Easy to fabricate.

4. Easy to clean surface that wipes free of dirt, grease, and oil.

5. A carbon lightweight panel helps bring the surface of a chilled ceiling element rapidly to a uniform temperature.

6. By using this panel a building should be energy-saving and eco-friendly throughout its life cycle.

7. Increasing the supply of raw materials.

8. A reduction in breakage during transportation and handling.

9. An opportunity for market diversification.

10. A response to the growing trend in consumer mobility.

11. Suitable for small production runs.

Many commercial properties, housing, household materials etc are depending on lightweight construction panels. It’s important have no limits. Many people using the lightweight construction panels because of its advantages. These panels are sustainable. All interior construction in the developing countries follows the lightweight construction panels method.

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