4 Hidden Fatal Risks In Our Home

Home is a place that full of love and safe, but some experts warning that there are some fatal risks hidden in our home, avoid these things will help us to build a better home and better life.

Pet: There are some viruses and parasites in pet’s body, some of them are harmful to humans. Pets are animals after all, it also exist bestial.The baby is unaware of danger when play with pets, while the pets are might bite or scratch them, so you must protect your child well, avoid being harm from the pets.

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All kinds of coating contains Benzene and other volatile substances, which may cause headaches and some respiratory diseases, and increase the risk of cancer. Avoid using volatile

organic compounds such as Benzene during the renovations. Moreover, we use EXB-RADIAS for renovations, Wood composite board made by saw dust and adhesive, adhesive are volatile organic solvents as it will influence on ambient air and human health. During the windows renovation, make sure to choose the best material, plantation shutters Sydney will be a good options.

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4 Hidden Fatal Risks In Our Home


Careless use of the Gas Equipment may case carbon monoxide poisoning. Regular checking the ventilation equipment to make sure everything runs well. Better to install a carbon monoxide alarm at home. Blinds is also a good idea for ventilation, blinds Sydney is one of my favorite supplier of blinds.

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Electric Shock:

Don’t touch the Home Appliances or switch with wet hand, avoid electric shock. There are nearly one thousands people death due to the electric shock. If you have older people or children in your family, install the leakage protector at the main switch is very important. Tv, radio or some Home Appliances should stay away from water, electric heater is usually a reason for family fire.

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