5 Things Bodybuilders Suggest To Gain Muscle Mass

Bodybuilders spend many years doing rigorous weight training and perfecting the body with the right kind of exercises and nutrition. You may not have an inclination towards bodybuilding and you are not looking forward to make your career in the sport of bodybuilding. But even, then you want to know the secrets of a well built body. You also want to have a six pack abs, a wide back, well built shoulders and chest. To get this physique you have to train very hard with consistency and dedication. If you want to have a well toned body, then it would be great if you consider the well proven tips of bodybuilders.

Train in Phases

If you want to look strong and have a well curvaceous body, then it is imperative on your part to train yourself in phases. First do strength training to increase the capacity of your body of holding weights. As the name suggests strength training will increase the strength and after achieving a certain level, you can opt for conditioning the muscle. For a few weeks in the beginning if not months, you have to train your body with compound exercises for a total body workout. Tablets are widely available to increase your focus and regulate the growth hormones.

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5 Things Bodybuilders Suggest To Gain Muscle Mass

Applied Constant Tension

There are different ways to enhance the quality of your workout; you can make your workout more intense by applying well proven techniques by experienced bodybuilders. They suggest giving tension to your muscles in the last five repetitions of your exercise. Suppose you do 8 to 12 repetitions of an exercise, do 4-6 repetitions normally and when you reach the last five. Try to hold the weight at the peak of the contraction for two seconds and lower the weight slowly. This will target your muscles with high intensity and you can stimulate different muscle fibers.

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Cardiovascular Exercises

You can do cardio training to burn your body fat and make your muscles visible. If you have body fat, then it is better to do the cardiovascular exercise after completing your weight training. This will burn your body fat at a faster pace because of the simple reason that when you will do weight training your body will burn all the available calories and in order to need more energy your body will burn the stored fat. You can do cardiovascular exercises to 2-3 times a week. It will not kill your gains if you will do it in moderation and on the other hand, you will see the amount of muscles you have gained, they will become visible. Different types of tablets are widely available to cut body fat at a faster pace.

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Drop Set

They also suggest incorporating drop sets into your training schedule. This means you have to continue the exercise by decreasing the weight till you drop the weight. This is done in order to overload your muscles and the same muscles will grow better.


If you want to gain weight, then consume approximately 1 g of protein per pound of your body weight for faster growth. It is advised to concentrate more on lean protein and decrease carbohydrate and junk food. Once you have achieved your desired body size, then stick to 50% protein and 30% carbohydrates to maintain that.