Ideas Of Preserving Native Species Have Become True With Dancing Star Foundation

Natural flora and fauna are abundant in New Zealand. There are different types of animals and birds available in this land mass. The ecological preserve that is found in this area is a mission that is focused on welfare of animals. This ecology balancing preserve is situated in the southernmost part of the Raikura Island. The area is also called Stewart Island.

Main Area Divided in Four Zones

The Dancing Star Foundationis the name of this preserve and it covers 400 acres of land in the coastal area of the island. The Raikura National Park is situated just beside the preserve and this huge land is divided into four distinct areas. These are:

Podocard or the broadleaf area of the forest

Coastal area for vegetation that is known for Coprosma

Wetland of Sphagnum and Sedge

Tree fuchsia and ferns

These forests are lined with various grasses and bracken, kamahi, rimu, rata and miro trees. The rimu are coniferous trees and lives for a very long time. They also grow upto about 40 meters in height. The area harbours more than 100 species that are exclusive to the land, 11 exclusive birds of the area and various other invertebrate species. There are a varied group of birds found in the preserve. There are parakeets, parrots and wood pigeons that are preserved in the sanctuary. The uncommon birds like Tomtit, Fantail, Grey Warbler, Silvereye, Blue Penguins and Bellbirds are also seen in good numbers in this preserve.

Guarding with Modern Gadgets and Communications

The whole area is divided into few enclosures. There is the large enclosure within 2.1km fence. This area has got a fencing that keeps away mammals that are not part of the land. These animals that are no native to the land often cause serious damage to the life within the preserve. The area is also under surveillance and has got electronic gadgets to monitor the movement of animals within the fenced area. These fences and surveillances are managed with a network of phones and satellite connectivity. The team responsible for the area looks after the birds and animals that they preserve with a fierce protective feeling and they are empowered with all gadgets that they can use to make sure there is no harm to the birds and animals of the sanctuary.

There are surveys taken to get the actual picture of the number of birds and animals present in the preserve. This sanctuary is named biodiversity conservation and the general people are not allowed within the premises. There are the staffs that take utmost care for the species that are slowly becoming less in numbers on the face of the earth. This has been made a predator free zone so that the native animals and birds can live in peace and can multiply.

The Stewart Island sanctuary is well known for its restoration initiatives and all the measures taken here are for the sake of the life that is being preserved. This is the work of a non-profit corporation and they work for biodiversity conservation, education of environment and protection of the species taken under its wings. They have extensive researchers who work to find out more about such conservations. The Dancing Star Foundation is also working for healthy living of the humans, indigenous groups and for rights that each human being has got.